Imâm Ghazâlî


The great Islamic scholar Imâm Muhammad Ghazâlî ‘rahmatullâhi ’alaih’, who was born in the hijrî year 450 and passed away in 505 [1111 A.D.], wrote a book entitled Durra-t-ul-Fâkhira fî-kashf-i-’ulûm-il-âkhira and separately assigned to giving information about the Hereafter. He mentions that book in Kashf-uz zunûn as well? Omer (’Umar) Begh, a teacher of the Arabic language in the military junior high school (Rushdiyya) in Kastamoni, (Turkey,) translated that valuable book from Arabic to Turkish and entitled itKur’ân-ı kerîmde kıyâmet ve âhıret halleri (Facts About the Rising and the Hereafter in the Qur’ân al-kerîm); the Turkish version was printed in Kastamoni on November 13, 1911, which coincided with Dhu’l-qa’da 5, 1329 Hijrî. It has now fallen to the lot of our bookstore, (i.e. Hakîkat Kitâbevi in Istanbul, Turkey,) to have this valuable book printed once again. Explanations provided later from other valuable books have been written within brackets. Infinite thanks be to Allâhu ta’âlâ for blessing us with this chance to serve our brothers in Islam! May Allâhu ta’âlâ bless us all with the lot of learning the true teachings conveyed by the scholars of Ahl as-sunnat and believing the facts taught, thereby adapting ourselves to the commandments and prohibitions communicated to us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad ‘’alaihis-salâm’ and thus becoming good people! A good person is good to everybody. He does not assault anybody’s property, life, chastity, or honour. He does not revolt against the State or violate the laws. Our Prophet ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’ stated: “Islam dwells in the shade provided by swords.” Its meaning is: “It is under the administration and and protection of the State and its laws that people lead a life of comfort and perform their acts of worship peacefully.” The more powerful the State the more throughgoing will the comfort and peace it provides be. For that matter, Muslims should always support the State, pay their taxes in time, and counsel the same to others, doing so with a suave language and a smiling face. May He protect us from believing the lies, tricks and slanders of the enemies and thereby betraying our own Religion and State! Âmîn.


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