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Ingela Bohm lives in an old cinema, tucked away in a northern Swedish forest where she can wander around all day long and dictate her books. She used to dream of being an actor until an actual actor asked, “Do you really need to do it?” That’s when she realized that the only thing she really needed to do was to write. She has since pretended to be a dietician, a teacher, a receptionist and a cook, but only to conceal her real identity.

Her first imaginary friend was called Grabolina and lived in her closet. Nowadays she has too many imaginary friends to count, but at least some of them are out of the closet. Her men may not be conventionally handsome, but they can charm your pants off, and that’s all that matters.

Ingela’s more useless talents include reading tarot cards, killing pot plants and drawing scandalous pictures that no one gets to see. She can’t walk in heels and she’s stopped trying, but she has cycled 12 000 miles in the UK and knows which campsites to avoid if you don’t like spiders. If you see her on the train you will wonder what age she is.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Hmm... Not as such, but I know it must have been a picture story about a princess, with two wobbly lines at the bottom of a couple of folded A4 sheets. I probably abandoned it after two pages, and the rest of the "book" was left blank. Perhaps everyone does this?
What is your writing process?
I toss down everything that clutters up my brain and then edit most of it away! Also, I love composing during my long walks in the forest. I always bring an mp3 recorder with me to capture any thoughts or turns of phrase.
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Not Safe For Work book trailer
It’s Jakob’s birthday, and boy is he getting a surprise. His friend Leo has written a sexy blog about the two of them -- all untrue, of course. Or is it? Identity hijacked, fake love life laid out for the world to see, Jakob is devastated. He should deny it all, but he can't stop reading. Soon, he'll have to confront Leo, but he's afraid -- can there be a tiny grain of truth in those stories?


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Smashwords book reviews by Ingela Bohm

  • A Midwinter Prince on March 30, 2014

    I'm beginning this review a third into the book, because I have to get this off my chest. I don't want to give away even a small part of the plot, but God, the scene I'm reading... This is EXACTLY what I want from a story! Like a personalized Christmas present in March. I actually have goosebumps. This woman is reading my mind. 24 hours later: whew. Well, what do I say? Yes, there are a few far-fetched plot elements, one or two confusing paragraphs where I wasn't sure what was going on, and a few moments where a little too much went on at the same time... But I just don't care! It was a great, great read, and the characters really grabbed me by the heart. Beautiful language, romance, and lovely descriptions of my favourite city. I will definitely be checking out more of this author's work.