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Smashwords book reviews by Inkslug

  • The Vacuum Isn't Crazy About Nature, Either on Feb. 15, 2013

    I've just registered and this story was the first one I've read. I might as well give up now and go home! A superb piece of writing. The concept is genius. I absolutely loved the unique setting, that was easily appreciable for everyone, but also included allusions to scientific concepts for the geeks. Brilliant. This story makes me think of the whale that pops into existence in hitch-hikers I've always wanted to write a story with this kind of voice but having a Boltzmann Brain as the main character. After reading your story, you'd make a much better job of it than me. Therefore I strongly recommend you look into Boltzmann Brains and hurry up and write a story about them. Spelling: Somewhere in the text you use 'chocked up', when I believe what you meant was 'chalked up'. Planes wheels are chocked up.