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My name is Jonathan Arlia. I was born on April, 10th 1980, and am currently 31 years old. I live in Tucson, AZ and have my whole life. I love Tucson, even though it gets pretty hot here. My interests include music, movies, eating out, road trips, walking, running, hiking, fishing, playing video games, using the Internet, working out, reading, and writing. I would say I'm pretty good looking, and stand 5'10 and weigh 170 pounds. I'm white with hazel eyes and light brown hair. I have one brother and my mom in my immediate family. I have a Playstation 3, which I use regularly. I watch Netflix on it. I've watched all the Buffys and Angels on it. I've only had 3 girlfriends in my whole life. I'm a slight flirt. Movies that I own are Easy A, Burlesque, and Sucker Punch. I like them all. Emma Stone is my new favorite actress. I also saw her in The Help, and am looking forward to seeing her in Crazy, Stupid, Love. I like to see movies at Century 20 Park Place Mall. It's the nicest theater in town, and is just down the street from where I live. I'm interested in meeting new people all the time. I am dedicated to becoming a writer. Other than that I am unemployed. I did just write a book (Inner Radiance) that has 60 poems in it. So I'm on my way to the big time. Goals of mine include getting buff, learning chess really well, learning math really well, learning HTML, being able to run a marathon, becoming a famous writer, and getting married to a beautiful woman one day.

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