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  • How to Stop Aging (Volume 3): Unlocking the Mysteries of Feeling Young – How to Improve Your Physical, Mental & Sexual Energy with Age? on Sep. 05, 2013

    This book can be compared to a journey that takes you virtually back to your youthful days from your present aging times, specially if you are in your 40s. I am 40 plus and was worried much about my aging factors that were holding me back of times in my lately married life. My wife looks too younger then me and this was a cause to my embarrassment when ever we were together in some social gathering. Thanks to the author for explaining some non-medicament ways that compound together to form such a beautiful write-up to the sexual energy and age section in the book. This could be helpful to anyone who is in his 40s or over. As I finished reading this book, I gained so much of self confidence that I feel my self a decade younger! Overall my comments about this book are - Great write-up! great content!! great author!!!
  • How to Stop Aging (Volume 2): Unlocking the Mysteries of Looking Young - Anti Aging Beauty Secrets Revealed on Sep. 05, 2013

    The author Rachita Kumar has done some great work on Stop Aging series again. I've read an earlier version to it How to Stop Aging (Volume - I), but I found the beauty secrets revealed in this volume - II to be more informative and assertive to help stop or reverse the aging process. The sections covering - slowing the aging skin process through the anti-wrinkle treatments are having elaborative information on the subject, which I liked most. Like I discovered in stop aging vol-1, this book also had an unannounced special gift for me as a bonus at the end section and that was awesome. I look forward to having all volumes in the series as and when they get published!
  • How to Become Network Marketing Superstar on Sep. 12, 2013

    After unsuccessful attempts with network marketing for Amway, I had a firm belief that network marketing is NOT for all. Rather its just for the person who enters in the field as an early bird. This new awesome publication by my favorite author Praveen Kumar, whom I know personally through many of his past titles, helped me break this false notion that I had. What more could be said besides the fact that after applying formulas revealed in this book, I made my first cold call and ended with a hot sale the day after I finished this book. I salute you Praveen. You are the man! Awesome work!!!
  • 100 Famous Real Estate Quotes on Sep. 12, 2013

    When I came across this title - 100 Famous real estate quotes, I initially thought it might be just simply a collection of some text having property quotes. Then I looked inside and was surprised to see it had some really great beautifully illustrated inspiring quotations for everyone whom property interests. I bought this little (under) priced ebook and can proudly say I am going to be a winner to my future property deals! Thanks to the author for composing such an awesome work.
  • How to Grow Rich with the Power of Networking on Sep. 12, 2013

    This is not just another networking book in the line, but has its value when compared to the others in the sense that it covers the biggest aspect - i.e. networking the networks. I've read many authors in the series, but could confidently say - 'it's different' It really does tells you about great aspects like from - 'key steps to building a network' to 'how to build PROFITABLE online networks' I've applied the key points as detailed in this ebook and can proudly say - am getting positive resultd so far! A Great Buy!
  • How To Get a Flat Stomach in Four Weeks on Sep. 12, 2013

    I bought this ebook for one of my close friend who was in need of some help - looking for a flat stomach, just because she hardly had a few wks left until her wedding day. She went through this ebook and left me a mail saying - Manish, I am just not getting any words how to say you thanks for sending me this unique book on help getting a flat stomach in just a few wks. You better know how bulky I was and just see my attached pic in this mail. It worked miracle for me. All I could say you is - Thank you! Thank you and Thank you!! So this was the aswsome review from my friend who read this book, after I gifted it to her. I thought why not share it with you all, who too are planning to have a flat stomach :-)
  • How to Marry a Millionaire on Sep. 12, 2013

    Well, who else would like to get rich dating and finally marrying a rich man. - This book lays down several rich resourceful links and some to be followed principles that if really followed in true sense, could yield great results. I am a guy, so I didn't needed such book, because I am not a gay LOL.. I just bought this book out of curiosity only. But regreat, that I am a born man and if I were a girl, I'd have applied the principles as stated in this book and would have certainly got the prince or rather say - The Rich Prince of my dreams who would take me to the riches. Thanks to the author for putting up so wonderful work to help any girl stay focused in her path to get rich dating a rich man!