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When I was a little girl, my favorite questions were Why me? and How come? I still ask those questions today.

I had pretend friends that I grew up with and kept them a secret as a child. I saw energies and I saw spirits.

I still remember my pretend friends because they are always there for me. Regardless of what has happened in my life I always keep in touch with them. I am not always certain whether they hear me or not. In truth, it is all about a spiritual journey and it can take a whole life to figure out at times.

When I began meditation classes, I was learning about healing emotions and the wounded self. I had to un-learn what I had been taught. I learned how to respond instead of reacting to others while integrating the spiritual principles in my every day life. I took what I liked and left the rest behind.

My journey is my journey, it is not about any other. It is about learning how to heal my soul and the issues of my heart. There is no blaming another for things they did. They came to teach me about myself. We need to understand the lesson and learn about ourselves. Learn to be as honest as you can with yourself. The journey is not easy, however, it is very freeing. Your journey can be fun or perhaps, not so much fun at all. Through the trials and tribulations of my journey, I earned my gift.

Sometimes, it takes just a word or a thought to help you get through the present moment. We all need to have understanding. Our old ways no longer benefit us. This is the time for new beginnings and a completion of the old. It is up to you to work through your process of healing. What you are going to do about it is up you. How you choose to feel is up to you.

As we walk our paths, every one is going through a restructure in some area of life. Today, I am a Trance Channel, or a Trance Medium, a conduit for the other side to make contact with their loved ones.

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