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Irapua was born in Brazil, in the southeastern mountainous region of the country, where he developed his passion for the outdoors and his adventurous spirit. For years he has been practicing mountain biking, running, scuba diving, among many other sports.

Being an engineer by profession, he discovered a new world of opportunities working in different fields and places, at the same time as he met a diversity of like-minded people and traveled to different parts of the world.

He discovered his gift for writing recently when he was living in Australia and since then he has been producing his thoughts about different subjects, always related to human evolution and how to improve life in many aspects.

His first book - MTB - 101 Mountain Biking Tips and Techniques - was an opportunity to share his passion for this sport and give back to the community in which he has been living for a long time.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
The idea for the book "101 Mountain Biking tips and techniques" came from a bad experience actually. In January of this year, I left Australia where I was studying and went for a 3 months mountain biking vacation in New Zealand. My plan was to stay 1 month in each city, starting in Christchurch. Unfortunately, I had my bike stolen in my second week there. Then I had some free time to evaluate what I could do next. I then decided to write a book about the sport and put on it everything I knew. I found out later that it could be also a great opportunity for me to improve my skills. I bought another bike and kept my time on writing and mountain biking during the rest of the period. The south island of New Zealand is an inspiring place to be and writing became an easy process.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a countryside area near a small town in the southeastern region of Brazil. My parent's house is surrounded by forests and I had the chance to play outdoors while I was not studying or helping with farm works. This strong connection with nature is probably the main influence I received as I tend to describe the feelings of freedom and amazement from those experiences.
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