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  • Le Cirque De Magie on Dec. 22, 2011

    To be honest i'm quite disappointed. Oh the story isn't bad but it lack something. I would have loved more explanation about the powers from the different character like for example do the suparna have a special link with animal. Is that why the dog go to him? Also...i didn't see many things to make us understand that's in 1920 ( ok the absynte but apart that the time of the story isn't well show so we don't know if it's important) The character have their own personnality that's great but it's to short to understand them and "live" the story with them. Also as for the title in french...i was a bit bohered by it. Now with the story read i understand a bit more but i would have prefered something like " le cirque magique" for example seems more appropriate. So in the end, i think it could be a great story if it was completed.
  • I Loved You First on June 26, 2012

    I admit that I was a bit reticent at first to try this book because the topic isn’t my cup of tea, I was unsure. Now I can say that I don’t regret reading this story. Reena Jacobs wrote moving picture of the troubles adolescent can go through. It’s remarkably well done. I could sympathise with Alex and I loved how she is mentally growing at the end of the book. She has learned that she must first and foremost love herself and that you must always be true to your feeling if you don’t want to hurt someone else or/and end hurting too. It a story about acceptance, friendship and true-shelf that could be really helpful to some young ones that are feeling alone or too different one that reminded me something I’ve read a long time ago and that says that loving someone if to offer him/her the best gift: us but if we really love him/her and want the gift to be real we must first love ourselves because giving something we don’t like isn’t a real present. Alex didn’t know at first what she was really doing to his friend and what their relation was making her loose; She knew what he was doing wrong but she didn’t see she wasn’t helping either. I think that in the end the book they are better friend to each other than ever because they finally learn what that means. Really a good novel.
  • The Athena Effect on Feb. 18, 2013

    I was really happy to receive a copy of this book for review because it caught my eyes on goodreads before so this opportunity to discover this series was fantastic and if I hadn’t be unwell I would have read and reviewed it before now. The great thing is that I wasn’t disappointed at all despites my high expectations of this book! The story starts with 2 teenagers on the run, they seems really scared and not healthy but deeply in love. Then we go forward 17 years, nearly 18 in the future and we discover they become the parents of a very special young girl called Cal as a diminutive for Caledonia. Cal is a little savage, she loves being is the wild surrounded by animals and nature however she is also educated, loving to read anything she comes by in a scheduled house. She knows she is special, that not every one has the same power as her being able to see the emotions of living creatures and to influence them. The fact that her parents are hiding didn’t escape her, but the nature of their nightmares eludes her. They protected her, taught her lots of things but also warned her to be cautious, that there were dangers lurking around without telling her which danger or to tell her how to avoid them though. So when they die in a tragic accident, Cal is left alone without knowing how to act in the big city where she is sent to live with her aunt she never knew. She has a vast knowledge literally but in practise she didn’t use electricity before so everything seems new. Cal don’t like living with her aunt who didn’t really want to take her in even only for the few month until she turns eighteen, worse she always sticks to her boyfriend whose intentions are a little too clear. To avoid troubles, Cal prefers to stay as little as possible at home when her aunt is working but that means spending the night out wandering. When one night she sees a boy being bitten she jumps at his rescue without hesitation. Calvin thought the girl who saved him wasn’t real, used to having a different girl on his arm each day; he is playing the playboy to hide his pain and suffering. However, when he discovers that the new weir girl at school, avoiding everyone is the girl who came to his rescue he gets curious. Even more, she is the girl how managed to calm his brother‘s pit-bull. He starts to follow her, trying to get to know her but slowly feelings grow for this girl so different so intelligent, stronger that she looks and kind but also so innocent. He is drawn to her. For Cali, Cal is a boy to avoid. She doesn’t like his attitude with girls however when he ask for her help, she can’t refuse; she even starts to confide in him what even her parents never knew. In this new world she is facing, Cal becomes a friend and a support for her. He is kind and takes time to show her things, take her to the fair and museum, soon Cali accept her growing feelings. Unfortunately for them, the past is coming back full force and what Cali’s parents feared has come. Someone discovered her existence and knowing Cali’s power and will do anything to get his hand on her. Cali is confronted to what she wasn’t prepared for; she learnt the reason for her parents’ crisis, the reason for her power but can’t fight alone. She finds allies she didn’t hope for and Cal is determined to protect her even if it means leaving for the unknown. One thing that bothered me a little is the fact that Rufus didn’t react during the abducting, even if he was in a closed room or anything he should have barked madly when strangers entered and thus Cal would have been awaken, even more knowing how much he cares for her. Another detail bothered me, the fact that Cal and Cali get involved a little too quickly to my taste, I mean he says he will wait etc and at the same time they jump on it the same night. Yes it’s wasn’t they first day together etc but it seemed to fast for me with Cali Background., but the story as a whole stay really good of course^^ The plot is sometimes predictable but Derrolyn Anderson’s writing style is clear and fresh so once you start the story you don’t want to put it down even when you guess what could happen you just want to be sure and to read more. I enjoyed the parallelism between the prologue and the epilogue, like the life is a cycle the characters find themselves repeating some schema and I can only hope it will be for the better. It’s really enjoyable, it’s a very good YA fantasy book and I’m curious about the rest of the series because while there isn’t really a cliffhanger , the tension is still there and you want to know what will happen to the different protagonists. To recommend!
  • The Light Within Me on May 19, 2013

    Again a series I discover when it’s finished or nearly … I missed the 6 first books and now that I’ve read book1 I do regret not having read it before. Carly Fall created an interesting universe and I enjoyed a lot her vivid descriptions of SR44 where the inhabitants are made of colourful smoke, she took the time to describe their environment but also their culture and ways of life and the history. For this story I think it was something really important because without it I couldn’t have related to the six saviours, I wouldn’t have understood their dilemma, their mindset as well as I did. It’s the first book but it gives us solid background info to immerse ourselves in the universe she created. Noah is a warrior but a disillusioned one … he lost hope to go back on his planet one day since it’s only possible if they complete the mission that was assigned to them. Unfortunately, the one who prepared the said mission didn’t take a lot of things into account … if it was really short one the absence of contact with their world and family was understanding but the situation they are confronted to is way worse than the one they were told and believed… hundred years later the mission is far from completed and like all warrior Noah is wearing down. He still has pride and he does it job but he is dull. Worse they were told they couldn’t love or they would loose their immortality or slow aging and their original form making a return impossible. So when the bad guys are reproducing and killing, the good one are alone with only their mission as an objective. Really, I had some difficulties to understand why they didn’t give up before and I admire their courage… alone in another world without anything from home that must be hard and I can’t understand that those who send them didn’t think of something if it was longer than they expected, no they are just left to themselves. Noah is their elected chief, so it’s even more responsibility for him but until now he managed. However when he meets Abby, he is attracted to her and her voices without understanding why…for the first time he is smiling again and hoping even if he is fighting his attraction putting his duty before everything else. Abby is different from other, she never really fitted and the dead of her mother when she was a child didn’t help. While her mother supported her love for knowledge and difference, the orphanage made her depressive. Now an adult she still lives a little isolated, with a few impersonal contacts. She isn’t happy with her life but she goes on, her work as a reporter isn’t satisfying her anymore but it pays the bill and she still hope it could help her to find her mother’s murderer. When she sees Noah on a picture of a crime scene she is knows she saw him somewhere but more than that she can’t resist the need to contact him and the connexion is immediate she trust him and can reveals secret to him however even if she loves him when he make it clear that he won’t be completely in the relationship, she prefers to stop there. When she hears the truth, her decision doesn’t change, she loves him and because of that she can’t ask of him that he renounces to what he is…. But she is different and when she attacked, Noah won’t resist anymore he must protect her even if his brothers in arms don’t agree. I appreciated that the romance took sometime, after all a lot is in the balance and after years of putting is job as his sole priority I couldn’t have imagined Noah to make a 180° after a few hours. He is torn between his pride, his honor and Abby that make him feel alive for the first time. What i regretted is sometimes the jump in time, for example when Rayner explains what could save her, we don’t see the ceremony just the result after and i would have loved to get more details. The action is fast, the tension high at moment and the romance sweet, I couldn’t resist. If you are looking for a steamy sci-fi romance, a paranormal romance with aliens, this is a good try and even better you can get it for free on smashwords so no reason for not giving it a try. I really hope i will get an opportunity to read the rest of the series Score: 4/5
  • Secret Rendezvous on Aug. 27, 2013

    My opinion: So good! I definitively needed something like this short novella and if all the books from the author are of this quality I can only want more. Since it’s a short story and even more the prequel to another book I will try not to reveal too much but that will means a shorter review. To start with something essential in my opinion….yes you can start by reading this even if you haven’t read anything by the author before. From what I gathered all books works as stand alone so yes this story is linked to book 2 in the series and I guess you would be glad o have read it later but I wasn’t feeling like I was missing something, it really didn’t bothered me to jump in the middle of the series so it was perfect. The writing style is as I love it: clear. You got action and quickly ( hey it’s a romantic suspense AND a novella so it’s normal) but it didn’t feel rushed or not enough to stop my reading….and if the action is high level with explosive and all…the romance is steamy and not a little, the balance between the two is really well done and I enjoyed this adventure no matter how short. We discover here, two heroes: Quinn, navy seal, chief all muscles and sex appeal but really loyal, with honor (protecting innocents and all) and protective for those he loves…. but also really dangerous if you are not a friend of him. Then we have Alandra who is also a force in her own way, she is on the terrain but her job is to blend in and gather information, she can defend herself of course but she isn’t in the “assassination” part of the job. After working together for a job, the sparks ignited a passion of the long lasting kind and they have been together since then though they kept that secret. So when during her job, Alandra is captured, Quinn doesn’t follow protocol and jump to the rescue ( sexy^^). The author linked some elements that I think are essential for book 2 (why Quinn didn’t keep the paper!!! Man you have brain too not just muscle), we also see that the cartel is larger that what counter intelligent can imagine. I’m also really curious about who was the one that leaked info on Alexandra because that still unknown. So there is a light cliffhanger yes but since it’s a prequel I was expecting something like that and if I’m honest we do have partly some closure too, kind of temporary happy end, yes problems are building but it will be for another day. So really I recommend you this novella if you have a few minute and want a good romantic steamy suspense romance this is an excellent one and a good way to try an author you perhaps haven’t discovered yet with of course the risk to want more …because now I’m really aching to get book 2 and more of this explosive couple!! And it’s free so don’t hesitate and hurry get it when you can.
  • Finding Faith on Sep. 03, 2013

    This review was first published on my blog Lecture toute une Aventure LOVE it! It was finished in almost 2hours so that said how strongly I was immersed in the story and enjoying it… after reading book one “the light within me” I did have a soft spot for Rayner and learning more about was simply too good. Rayner was quite a bitter character with only his job in mind… from all the warriors he is the one who wish to return to SR 44 the most and he does works for it even if he means flying somewhere else on mission (and he hate flying) In fact, he is one that suffer the most in my opinion, his power sound like a curse for him: being able to see and speak to spirits trapped but not being able to help them has taken his toll on him. In fact he only succeeded once and thus he tried to ignore them. It’s really the opposite as how he was before.. as a child he was carefree, living in the forest, respecting the nature and spirits with his loving family. Rayner wanted some adventures so he left his forest for the city where he met Cohen and Hudson, fellow warriors, and decided to enrol in the military to see the world. However he did promise his mother to come back and that what is keeping him strong and determined… he wants to go back and get once again the warm feeling to belong. I could only smile at how similar it was to Faith growing up…she too lived in the nature with a loving family but took pleasure in exploring, taking risks and in the end by leaving for the city where her life took a drastic turn. The difference between them….Faith hasn’t lost herself yet, she still dreams, hopes and laughs while Rayner forgot it. Both understand the spiritual world and respect it despites some doubts sometimes, like Faith who doesn’t believe how special she is and the prophecy she is supposed to accomplish. They are simply perfect for each other and I enjoyed how they had to discover it and then had to make it works, faith really needed her inner strength to makes Rayner understand and see what was under his eyes. I also loved her parents how insightful they were, how open while still protective. They are some really steamy scenes yes but deeper feelings and emotions are predominant in this one. While the action and romance are there, some humour too, in my opinion it was also more profound, the author make me think and feel things in the character’s perspectives and I was completely hooked and they grew on me. It also means that I was even more angry at the villain. The author closes the story on a happy note, the characters have their happy end, but this being a series we know it can be temporary, but the investigations isn’t complete, yes faith is saved but the culprit, even simply his motives are not sure for our heroes…and that the only reason this book don’t get the maximum score….i don’t like when the bad ones go off easily, the more evil they are the more I want them to suffer.. I think I’ve become really addicted to this series at this point and next book will not be in my hands soon enough. If you want an excellent paranormal romance with a some deepen meanings fitting in the main storyline, a book that can work as a stand alone , but you wouldn’t want to miss book 1, then try Finding my Faith and the Six saviors series… it’s a must read!
  • Encounter at Shalana on Sep. 19, 2013

    This review was first published on my blog Lecture toute une Aventure My opinion: Angelia has been a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek and I must admit, for having read quite a share of them, that she does make them honor! Really this story could have fit in the other universes without problem and the quality of her writing is really good. I really liked this book and the plot was well developed to keep me interested and curious. The romance is there, sweet and not predominant which works in favour of the story. However I’m really glad this book seems to be the first of a series because there are things I thought missing and I can hope to get answer in future books. From the beginning we learn than Kristy and her father are in a disagreement of sort to say the least…but we know nothing about it. The fact I couldn’t understand from where her resentment came made it a little more difficult for me to connect with the character. We see she has been hurt, she is even crying in her sleep but we don’t know about why… in fact we only discover that some events took place on one planet and that’s linked to that…. That’s all. It’s something I regret but since more books are possible we could get the bottom of this. (yes I do have hope^^ even better it was confirmed that book 2 was under work YEAH!) I particularly enjoyed to see the interaction between the crew, Wilhelmina is quite funny, acting like a mother for the rest of them, we know she is a kind of cat humanoid and that she worked with Kristy’s father before but I wouldn’t mind learning more about the linguist ^^ , what are the specific of her species, how she came to be with the Ryan etc .She is also really resourceful. Andrews is the best pilot and I’m glad he does have some alpha trait to keep up with grumpy Kristy… now when we discover his family we understand him even better ( little Ashley is more than likely wanting to join his brother on the side than her sister in the military, never underestimate little sister^^)Then you add Glenn, ex military, and Felicity, courageous engineer and you have the crew… small but effective It’s a good read but if you are not used to space opera novel, the ending could surprise you. It’s not a cliffhanger, not at all, but often in space opera you get the bottom of the investigation, you see who was behind the plot or who was the villain….but you don’t see how it’s resolved . It’s left to your imagination or occasionally in series you get a little more info in later books when the main characters talk about the past events. So here you understand, we see what they do about it but if you are the kind of reader who want to see the bad ones punished… you will be left hanging ( now I do admit I love to see the bad ones punished but after reading a lot of star trek and Star wars novel I’m used not to get immediately still it’s a little regret) Angelia Almos really found how to end her story keeping us happy and wanting more at the same time so I can only hope more books in the series are on schedule. If you love space opera, classic one, without steamy scenes, this is the right book for you. If you want to discover the genre, it’s also a good approach thanks to the talent of the author who renders the story really accessible. Now to discover the author I would perhaps recommend to try some of other works first ( I loved some a lot more!)but keep this one on your list , it’s really worth it.
  • Reborn on Sep. 25, 2013

    This was first published on my blog Lecture toute une Aventure My opinion: A really good book but so far my least favourite in the series. This book is to me the more violent one or to be more precise, in precedent books we got some gruesome report on colonist’s crimes but we didn’t really assisted in one like we do in Reborn. Oh don’t worry it’s well written, well thought but I couldn’t connect with the characters as much as I hoped I would and I did found this one a little too predictable for me. Hudson seemed to be a pillar of the saviours team while he is in fact one that suffer the most, not only from his past on SR44, but also from event taking place on Earth. He never got over Abby’s Mother, Iris, rejection and that’s mining him. Male from their planet have a really strong link to their mate and if the mate goes missing they can become crazy and suffer physically….i can understand that of course but then I had some little difficulty as why the other didn’t understand his situation and was left to himself. There is different kinds of love true but with what happen it makes me think he fantasized himself in love with Iris when he was only fond of her and it’s kind of strange after all his time on earth he didn’t see that. I guess it’s also a little for that I had difficulties to accept how he acted with Beverly. Beverly is a kind soul she just doesn’t have enough inner strength, more than she thinks but a lot less than Faith for example. As a doctor she wants to help, to save live and thus when she failed to save the one important to her and then had an accident it crushed her. However, it’s also what made her meet the saviours….like it was her destiny. In her medical mode she is really proficient and determined, she immediately see that Hudson is hiding more than he let on and that he can’t be trusted alone…sometimes it takes a broken soul to recognize another , anyway it’s her personal experience that gives her what she need to reach to Hudson and find the right words. They are saving each other but at first she still doesn’t fight for herself, to make him accept her no and that frustrated me. The action is strong is this one and I guessed the identity of the colonist after the first pages, it was well done but it was still evident for me. Then after the event in “ Finding My faith” it was impossible not to expect trouble… there are here just even stronger I mean…he even tell Hudson more is to come and as reader you know what he has done but the saviours done and I really hope they are ready…. I guess if I liked this one less it’s also linked to how I consider SR44….i mean they throw their citizens on a mission but without any contact allowed and no back up and now we see with no information either… this could have been prevented if the chiefs had given them a list with the culprits’ name… but no they just have to find the twelve who escaped… no more explanation just a set of rules really strong, cruel even. In this book I resented this even more because of Hudson…. In a sense they are the sacrificial lambs. The romance is cute but it missed the deepness from the other books…they need to work on their connection in a sense after attraction , learning about each other past they must create something more. I could love this couple but so far it’s just appreciation. Now on a technical level, this is the 3rd book in the series and if it could works as stand alone.. I wouldn’t recommend it to be read out of order. Yes the author give a little background from the universes so you are not lost but this book more than the precedent one is set in a line of events better to be followed so I really recommend you to start with book 1 first and then follow the rest in order to understand the saviours and get the story in a whole because the stakes are growing after each book and the suspense is mounting ( but no real cliffhanger no). A good book for lover of paranormal romance with aliens. Score: 3,5/5
  • Unicorn Keep on Dec. 23, 2013

    This Review was first published on my blog Lecture toute une Aventure My opinion: I’m really delighted to have discovered Angelia’s books this year because even if there are some I loved more than other I liked all of them and I’ve been disappointed so far. I was really happy she wrote a book about unicorn for me to try once again the magic operated. This title is a YA, fantasy one and Angelia’s talent really works well for this genre but what marked me the moist is how well the horses and unicorns habit’s and description are fitting. We really see she loves them and know a lot about the subject which made the unicorns so lively and believable that you are immersed in the story and could wish for horse of your own after reading about sweet Ginger the Pony, about Bai the prideful unicorn and all the others. I liked the story a lot and enjoyed the universe where magic isn’t hidden and at the same time not told all about. Jiline is a really interesting heroine; I loved how she thought before taking a decision, not wanting to be rash about it and not taking all she was told for truths that can’t be put into question. She wanted to help and save her friends, then the unicorn but not until the end and still with difficulty did she think about herself. I really love that. Herrick was a loyal and thoughtful suitor, he doesn’t mean to bring attention to the girl he knows as Madelen but he is draw to her. He needs to be near, to see her and to get her approval. When the need arrives he does his best to protect her even if it means putting himself in danger for someone so young it was cute and definitively the kind of boyfriend I would love to have. His magic is his own and he is stronger than a lot of other mage, reason, aside from who is mother is, he is put under surveillance. He is also able to rethink what he was told. Ginger is loyal and so courageous as well as too friendly^^;; , bait is a unicorn who seems a little too attached to Jilene, protector aside he is an excellent fighter and doesn’t like Herrick at all. His mother Gwyn is the leading mare and she is really cute to read about. I love how commanding she can be as well as patient with Jilene letting her come to her own conclusion not rushing but giving a nudge in the good direction if needed. She knows what is best for her but let Jilene decide when the moment is right. Now there were 2 things that bothered me… first one detail that perhaps it’s only my fault but at the beginning perhaps there were one or 2 typos a negation not present or a name missing but I can’t be sure in the state I’m in I could I have missed and really you read the story in one so that don’t impede your enjoyment of the story at all. What bothered me more was Eli… I don’t know why but I would have liked to see more of him…. I don’t know if he did what he did only because he was compelled to that’s not really précised just hinted at. However since his link to the unicorn I was hoping they would take him along one way or another so I was always hoping to see him appearing but we simply don’t know what happen to him exactly. He was the one in the keeper really close to the unicorn but it’s like their bond just disappear. Same for Madelen, we don’t know how things work for her not even for the little Cris and I would have liked more closure. The ending I sweet and really well written even if part of me would have wished something different I don’t regret it. It’s really cute story with a sweet romance in a fabulous fantasy world. I recommend it with pleasure!
  • Negotiation: a Twelve Kingdoms Novella on May 26, 2015

    I love when a novella gives us a real insight into the story and author’s writing style which is what “Negociation” does. If like me you haven’t started the series yet this prequel is a wonderful entry in this universe in which the author put a lot of work building. You can see how engaging her writing is and all the complexity of the world but also how determined the characters can be….Jeffe really put a lot of thinking into her character building and it shows even in such a short story. Salena knows what she wants and she did think, a lot even, before acting even if the outcome she knows will happen isn’t ideal, far from it;…I’m not sure I would have been able to make the same choice as her. Uorsin….i don’t like him he makes my skin crawls and I fear Salena did not measure all consequences and even that aside just how he considers women makes me disliking him greatly. And here come the detail that perhaps makes this series not one for me at the moment despite all the beauty of this universe and lovely writing…. In this series the women are acting, they are not simple trophies so far so good but even from this novella we can get that the author isn’t against making them use sex as a weapon…. I’m not naïve, I know women in all history often had to use that trick, weapon to survive or worse and I can read paranormal romance so it’s not the description that really bothers me either.- By the way in the novella they only speak of it, no steamy scene or nothing so don’t hesitate to give it a try- It’s just that I’m not comfortable with that idea, at least at this moment. This is a fantasy romance so you can expect a mix of them and there isn’t a perfect ideal balance either it depends on the moment if fantasy or romance must be prevalent. I have no problem with that….after all I need some romance in my books but it’s also the reason why I can’t take it lightly either.. I want love not sex ( not sure if I’m being clear) so I fear it will come to clash for me at some moment of the story….the question is will this fear be enough to prevent me for trying….i don’t think so but at least I come prepared.I did like this novella! So do I recommend this novella? DEFINITIVELY! Either you will be in love with the universe and jump on the first book if you haven’t already or it will at least gives you a really good idea of the style so you can make your choice in all conscience but one thing for sure the author is more than talented and really kind so don’t hesitate to send her a message if you read her books. This Review was first published on my blog Lecture toute une Aventure