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Isaac M. Dubois (1966) was born in Marseille, France. Little is known about his childhood except that in 1975, he fled to America to escape an abusive home life. He self-educated himself as he roamed New York State, finally settling down around the Fruit Belt where he currently writes. If you look hard enough, you may see him wandering up and down Jefferson Avenue trying to pick up a Wifi signal for his tablet (mobile typewriter).

Smashwords Interview

What are you working on next?
Episode I in the F@ckin Super series.
Why do you write such trash?
This question may be directed towards my first book, Handys, Fly Swatters, and The Homeless.

Let me say this. Trash can be discarded, thrown away. I suppose the same applies to digital trash, which can be deleted or recycled.

My intent was not to write trash, but to illustrate (with words) short episodes that are a part of a large to very large story.

Yes, there are some graphic moments; but life is nothing but an endless string of these moments, which sometimes occur in both private and public environments.

Everyone is a critic, so if you find my products "trashy," then godspeed to you in your other endeavors.

Simple answer: I write it because I can. If you don't want to sift through the trash in order to find a piece of gold, then move along. Don't waste anymore of your precious time.
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