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Isabella is an imaginative, free-spirited, dreamer trapped in the body of a 19-year-old Aussie. She lives in a quiet suburb in the Adelaide hills, but her mind is always elsewhere. She began writing stories as soon as she could spell, and wrote her first legit novel at 13. It was the story of two girls who become teenage detectives and solve mysteries, Nancy Drew-style. All through her schooling years, Isabella sat in class hoping some sort of adventure would take her away from maths class and stupid teenage drama. From there, she entered the Twilight craze and - of course - wrote her own vampire novel. But it wasn't until the beginning of her senior year at high school - when she worshipped anything that had to do with Superman and had the word 'hero' in it - that Isabella and her sarcastic/tom-boy friend came up with the idea for Rouge; a novel about an ordinary girl who develops pyrokinetic abilities. 2 years and 3 months later, Rouge is complete and ready to be released into the world.

As for the author herself, she is currently a Nanny working at a DVD store who teaches guitar and watches Supernatural religiously. She enjoys cups of tea, travelling everywhere, tall attractive men and a perfect mix of Taylor Swift and ACDC music.

Smashwords Interview

Dragons or Dinosaurs?
Ooo. Dragons. Definitely dragons. They breathe fire and they fly. You can't get much more badass than a dragon.
If you could write a fortune for a fortune cookie, what would it say?
"SOS - I'm being held against my will in a Chinese bakery"
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