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Isaiyan Morrison lives in Texas with her boyfriend, her three pit bulls, Kara, Lola, Arya, and her two cats, ShuShu, Dushka. Her short stories have appeared in Black Science Fiction Society, Midnight in Hell, and Twisted Dreams Magazine. She's currently pursuing a bachelors degree in English.

Her novel Deamhan, due for release in 2013 by Rainstorm Press is her first novel. She's currently working on her second book in the Deamhan series

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  • Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni on March 22, 2015

    I don’t know much about Boudicca. I’ve heard about this fearsome Iceni Queen and the fighting between the Romans and her tribe. As a lover of Ancient History, I couldn’t wait to read this novel and to learn more about her. First, I didn’t know that she was an Aedui. I’ve never heard this word before. There were also small things like rituals and customs that I found personally interesting and I really wanted to know more. It’s hard to recreate a time period. Conversations are different, some words we use today weren’t in use during that time. I applaud the author for attempting this difficult task. Also, I understand that during this time the Romans weren’t all that great. Throughout this short book, I felt that the author was a tad bit bias towards them. Yes, this story is told from the point of view of the oppressed however, I just wanted one small moment when the Romans weren’t described as liars and untrustworthy people. As for the writing itself, sometimes I felt that the narration moved from a retelling of an important historical time to an Ancient World History class (not saying this is a bad thing.) There were a few POV changes and a time when I didn’t know who was telling the story. This wasn’t enough to deter me from the book. Time moved quickly. The book is pretty short and I do think it’d benefit more if it was longer. But I wondered if what historians currently know about Boudicca is suffice enough to warrant a longer novel? Overall, I really enjoyed this. I love History (I’m currently obtaining my teacher certification in World History) so this was different and an eye opener for me.
  • Catherine de Valois: French Princess, Tudor Matriarch on March 29, 2015

    This is the second book I’ve read written by the author. Having an idea of what to expect, I still found myself surprised at the historical content in the book. Catherine de Valois is the daughter of King Charles VI of France and Queen Isabeau of Bavaria. The novel takes us through Catherine’s forced marriage. Political motives seemed to dictate her life and I wondered if Catherine receive just one second of blissful happiness to make her tribulations and struggles seem worthwhile. If you love history, interested in historical figures, or curious about this woman, I suggest picking up a copy. As a future World History teacher, I could see myself using her series in an educational setting. Consider me a new fan of Laurel Rockefeller’s Legendary Women of Word History Series.