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Issi Aaron is a registered and certified hypnotherapist, living in Sydney, Australia.

He is also a Zen Shiatsu Therapist and Holistic Counsellor with over 18 years experience, and brings a broad experience of life as well as an intuitive and compassionate understanding of human nature to his practice and writing.

This is how he feels about hypnotherapy:

“Imagine you’re all alone in a row boat. It’s slowly sinking. You don’t know how to swim and you look around for a lifejacket. But there isn’t one.

However, you do find a bucket. And so, you start bailing.

Yet, despite your efforts, the boat keeps taking on water. So, you decide to bail harder.

But the boat still keeps on sinking.

What’s there to do?

Most people would say, ‘Bail even harder.’

Now, we’ve all been faced with a similar challenge. However, bailing takes a great deal of energy and becomes very frustrating if, despite your efforts, the boat keeps on sinking.

What really needs to be done first is to plug the leak.

But what if the leak is a belief, thought or pattern of behaviour that you’re not even aware of?

This is where hypnotherapy can not only help you discover the leak but enable you to successfully tap into your inner resources to plug it once and for all."

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Saul the King
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 119,020. Language: English. Published: December 1, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Historical » General
A gripping retelling of the tragedy of the first King of Israel, who is thrust against his will into the cauldron of kingship. Despite his victories, Saul is dogged by misfortune and self-doubt that eventually lead him into a mire of grief and madness. With the lives of his beloved family in the balance, Saul faces his greatest challenge - to redeem himself despite the hold the crown has over him.

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