Bart Mahrer


Bart Mahrer has spent twenty five years as a real estate agent.

When times were good, they were very good. But the last five years proved difficult. All of his time was essentially spent trying to stop a fully loaded ship from hitting the rocks.

After much angst and reflection, Bart found that the ship needed to hit the rocks-and it did! What a relief that was.

Once that concept was established, Bart could then begin the rebuilding process on a stronger and more responsible foundation.

Part of the rebuilding process involved going back through his life and looking for the "instances" where things seemed painful or difficult and following the rest of the story to it's conclusion.

Bart found that in virtually every instance, his life was enhanced-not degraded-by the result. How do you think that knowledge will benefit your life? Bart's Book: It's A Silver Lining has helped thousands of people see life in a different and more relaxed way.

Bart lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his "girlfriend" Karren and his dog, Mischa.

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