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I started writing when I was at a very young age. When I was in only 5th grade I came up with my first short story 'The Blobs,' which was an improvised narration into an old video recorder. Around the same time I started to write my first song lyrics. The song lyrics stuck more than the short stories and I went throughout the rest of my education writing poetry and lyrics on the constant. Putting out so much poetry as a hobby really helped developed the writing skills I have today. I had only written stories throughout that time when forced to for school projects and it wasn't until the summer after high school that I started writing my first novel. I have to thank the members of my family, especially my brother Brandon for saying 'Just do it!' in regards to my idea for writing the novel.

I grew up in a small town of 5,000 people in Richland Center, WI with my mother, father and sister. After a long duration of searching Wisconsin, I decided to move down to Oklahoma City and began my independence. It was about a year after moving down that I began to seriously write my first novel 'Reaper,' a paranormal/action adventure book. Writing had been eating away at the back of my mind as something that, if finished completely, would be worth every minute invested. Approximately a year after I began to crunch the keyboard (five years after I developed the initial idea) I had finally written my first book. The feeling was fantastic, as I am a person who gets great satisfaction out of making something that is immortally published to the human race. Now, throughout my daily grind, I think of stories all the time. Many I store and plan to write about soon. I have many plans for Reaper (prequels, sequels and spin-offs.) However, I wish to write a few entirely different books before starting down the path. I have decided that with each book I will differ from the others, not making the same book more than once. The main devices I use, which are deep character insight and beautiful descriptive segments, will remain throughout the majority of my books.

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