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Smashwords book reviews by Iva S. Christensen

  • Inspirational Stories on Sep. 13, 2017

    This a terrific (and inexpensive!) book of short and easily memorable stories that help to open presentations and to drive home important points. The story about the empty boxes and the millions solve the problem only to find blue-collar ability fixed. Glad I read it!
  • Turkey Day on Sep. 13, 2017

    Cute book. Great for introducing different cultures into classrooms. My first graders loved it.
  • birdsong. on Sep. 13, 2017

    This book was exactly what I was looking for to supplement my lesson on bird sounds. The students loved it and were able to make real connections with the birds in the book.
  • Conspiracy of Bones (And the Beat Goes On) on Sep. 13, 2017

    A very interesting look into the possibility that scientists are not speaking the truth of what they find. If it doesn’t match their preconceived notions (usually evolution) they will drop it, hide it or refute it with a mix of imagination and unrelated answers. Tracy Krauss has produced a wonderful book with good action, suspense and characters. I can’t wait until she writes the sequel.
  • The Wretched on Sep. 13, 2017

    Wonderful seller!! Greatly appreciative!!
  • A Box of Stories on Sep. 13, 2017

    This story is very creative and I used it in my classroom when the children were using their imaginations. It was a big hit and I enjoyed watching the children use ideas they heard about when they had free play.