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My name is Ivan Bayross, I'm Gemini/Cancer cusp born.

A 61 year old techno geek and published author.

Here is what's been at the center of my world for the past 30 odd years:

I was born, grew up, and live in Mumbai, with my wife Cynthia and our daughter Chriselle. Mumbai is the commerce capital of the sub-continent called - India.

Did my M.Tech in Manchester U.K. where I specialized in DBMS.
Did a diploma in Business Management from the same place.
Own a software development and export house located at Vile Parle East, a suburb of Mumbai, along with my wife Cynthia, where we craft commercial applications using Open source and Microsoft tools and technologies.

I have written and published 70 books most of them focused on commercial application development using Microsoft and Open Source tools and technologies.

To know what books I've written and published do take get a quick look at: http://www.ivanbayross.com/mybooks.html

I guest lecture at a couple of MBA and Engineering colleges in Mumbai. Today, it's guest lecturing that gives me my greatest satisfaction.

Smashwords Interview

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I'm not writing, I spend my time learning stuff that drives the Internet. I spend a lot of time reading all sorts of books on my iPad.

I enjoy fantasy / fiction. I've read all the Harry Potter series, in fact I own hard shell copies of all the Harry Potter books. I also own all the Harry Potter DVDs as well. I own all the - Percy Jackson - fantasy series Books and DVDs as well.

I love to take in a play at one of two places, either the NCPA ( National Center for Performing Arts ) or St. Andrews Auditorium. Both venues have excellent plays and world class sound systems. St. Andrews auditorium was wired by Roger Drego. Roger and I studied together in electronic college. Roger specialized in audio electronics then went on and made a real name for himself nationwide. I went on and did my radio officer's course and joined the Merchant Navy as a radio officer after I completed.

I sailed in the merchant navy as a radio officer for several years, then gave up the sea.

I returned to land as my parents had grown old and needed someone to be with them full time.

I've joined several - cooking - programs and I can cook as good as any woman can. Cooking is another thing I love to do.

I watch Hawaii Five O, The Practice, XIII, Supernatural, Oprah and a few other TV shows. I really enjoy this.

Sundays, is a family day, my wife Cynthia and I, and our daughter Chriselle if she is free, usually go out to either lunch or dinner.

Life as they say is - Good.
What is your writing process?
I decide on a subject that really interests me, something that I feel passionate about. Perhaps creating websites or E-Commerce sites using Joomla 3.X.

Then I sit down and figure out what a website owner would really need when constructing their website.

For example, their website or E-Commerce site would always have a gateway page, which site visitors would use to access all the other website assets / resources.

Then I'd figure out how Joomla 3.X empowers its user to create a really world class gateway page for their website,

I'd understand the work flow required, to craft a visually compelling, site visitor friendly gateway page, for the website using Joomla 3.X.

I jot the work flow down as a skeleton. Then using this skeleton, I patiently flesh out the work flow, step by step. I grab the Joomla 3.X screens displayed on my Browser and then use simple, grammatically correct English to explain what a user should do within the screen to achieve their gateway page.

Once done, I normally give this to a novice Joomla user with low to modest technical skills, and ask them to use the content I've developed to create their own website gateway page. I carefully note down all areas where they got stuck and where I had to intervene to get them past their block(s).

Then I go back to the content I created and carefully add the information that I may have taken for granted earlier when I created the chapter.

Then I pass this updated information back to the novice Joomla user, and I watch what happens. Normally, after one or two iterations tops, the content is good enough to empower a novice Joomla user to create their own gateway page successfully.

This is the approach that I normally apply to all the chapters of a book on Joomla 3.X.

At the end I carefully check for English Grammar and/or spelling mistakes and fix any that I may have not noticed earlier.

Then its proof reading time.

I send the manuscript I've created to a dedicated proof reader who goes through the material with a fine tooth comb and fixes any /all English Grammar and/or spelling mistakes that may be around. The proof reader also checks the sentence constructs to ensure that the sentences are written in an easy to understand manner.

Once the proof reader is done, its time to process the manuscript via the Smashwords meat grinder and release the manuscript into the wild.

This by and large is my writing process.
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