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- Ramakanth Jonnavittula (D.O.B. 1931-2-4.) is a double Ph.D. in Mathematics and in Business Management and a Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Akademy of Sciences. He is now retired after an active career as Professor of Mathematics at various universities in India, in USA and in Canada. He currently lives in Dixhills, in (Long Island) NY.

He was interested in literature from his college days and published stories and plays in reputed Telugu magazines. His drama Kalachakram was staged at the All India Andhra Nataka Kala Parishattu competitions at Tanuku in 1960 and was awarded four prizes, including the second prize for the script.

Visaladhra Publications published a book of his 16 short stories named Kathaguchcham in 1995. He won the second prize for the story Kanuvippu in 2008 at the competitions conducted by the American Telugu Association. He has obtained the author’s permission and translated Arthur Miller’s drama The Price into Telugu.

In addition to his extensive works in Telugu, he is the author of many books in English.

Other Books by Ramakanth Jonnavittula
“… The author has a good command over English language, from a degree of
eloquence and a good use of idiomatic expressions…

… The book is written in lucid and candid manner. The author has a
engrossing style of story telling…”
Editorial Board,
(Comments about my collection of short stories)

The first Editions of the following books
1. Stories from Andhra,
2. 1972-A saga of change,
3. A paradox of life;

was published as EBooks by KDP. ‘1972-A saga of change’ was also published as an Audio Book by ACX.

Second Editions of the following books were published in print and EBook formats by TATE.
Stories from Andhra,
1972-A saga of change, and
A paradox of life.
Tate also published, both in print and EBook format, his book ‘Indian stories’.
He wrote “A girl’s quest for self-realization.” a translation into English of the famous Telugu novel Terachiraju by Viswanadha Satyanarayana. He also prepared an abridged version of his translation.

His following books were published in print by ‘Feed A READ’ and Create Space and as EBooks by KDP.
1. Change Your Destiny.
2. Don’t disturb a sleeping dog.
3. Life is a paradox.
4. War accelerated liberalization.
5. A girl’s quest for self-realization.
6. A girl’s quest for self-realization (Abridged).
7. Scintillating stories- Book 1.
8. Scintillating stories- Book 2.
9. Scintillating stories- Book 3.
10. Scintillating stories for ADULTS.

He published the following books in Smashwords. Here the reader can read for free 25% of the book, before deciding to purchase the book. Soon he would also publish the other titles on Smashwords.
1. A girl’s quest for self-realization (Abridged).
2. A girl’s quest for self-realization.
3. Scintillating stories- Book 1.
4. Scintillating stories- Book 2.
5. Scintillating stories- Book 3.
6. War accelerated liberalization.
His Book “LIFE IS A PARADOX” has been accepted by a traditional publisher and has been withdrawn from sale; it will be published in 2018.

Smashwords Interview

Why did you first try to write a story?
My mother tongue is Telugu; there were many poets of repute but I hardly heard of a famous prose writer. I always believed that if someone could do something, I too could do it with proper training and effort. In Telugu there were differences between literary language and the language spoken in different regions. There was a movement to give an honorable place in literature for spoken Telugu. Magazines were very few and I used to read some of them. I found BHARATi to be a good magazine which was the only respected one for its literary, critical and modern content. I liked stories and longed to write a story worthy of publication in Bharati.
I adopted a CVia media' style, wrote a story and sent it to Bharati; it was accepted and I was paid Rs.Ten for it!
Name some authors who influenced you.
The list is long; although I may not be able to remember all of them now, their influence certainly remains. To name a few: Tolstoy, Balzac, Turgenev, Satyanarayana, Ibsen, Somerset Maugham, Canon Doyle, Abbe Provost, Edger Allen Poe.
I also believe that what matters is not the number of books or authors that you have read but how you have read the books. I will give an example. Sree Harsha in his book Srungara Nyshadham described how a swan-messenger described Nala's qualities to Damayanti and how the same swan described Damayanti's exquisite qualities to Nala. I heard a scholar elaborate why the poet added the extra adjective to Damayanthi. That is how a book should be read.
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