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Smashwords book reviews by Jacci O

  • Ricochet on Nov. 03, 2012

    Fantastic! Just totally fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable. Loved the characters and the plot twists and the naughty bits :). Beautifully written, easy to read, totally engaging in a fabulous Universe I love and hope to read more in. Absolutely the best read I have had in ages!!!
  • The Pretender-Rebirth on Oct. 07, 2013
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    Like many, was incredibly excited to hear of the return of our beloved Pretender. Then was anxious about how it was to be achieved. There was much speculation about how to fill in the gap, where it would go, would it be the same Pretender that we all love? Admittedly, I approached this with some small trepidation and found that I was literally knocked out of my socks with how good it was. The story was immediately engaging and all so familiar, and it spun out in my head as I was reading like an episode playing in my mind. The familiar faces and voices all there, and some new ones too, which I was surprised to find that I thoroughly enjoyed them!(which was most unexpected). Cleverly done to embrace old fans and welcome new, a little darker and edgier than the series now the limits of television production are no longer there. Despite initial misgivings, found myself dragged back into the Pretender Universe as easily as slipping in a DVD and just absolutely loved it! Anxiously awaiting the next installment, even more greedy for more Pretender than ever before. Steven and Craig have done a wonderful job with this, re-igniting my love for the show and story more than ever before. It was like meeting up with old friends you haven't seen in ... well 12 years... and everything falls so naturally and you slip into that comfortable friendship immediately. Loved the new bits of information and insight into the characters and their motivations and the plot line itself was fast paced and verrrrry interesting too. Cannot wait for the sequel. Do yourself a favour and read this!
  • The Pretender-Saving Luke on June 03, 2014

    A thrill ride from first page till last, Saving Luke reminds me of all the things I loved about the Pretender, leaving me greedy for more. Much more! Everything is there that I have come to expect from the series and so much more. The story is non-stop fun and excitement with amazing twist, unexpected turns and surprises too numerous to list. We see deeper into the characters than ever before, and Saving Luke offers insights, especially into Miss Parker, that provide whole new understanding, and appreciation of her character, far beyond what we have previously seen. Jarod’s joy and enthusiasm, his hope and belief in humanity as he battles the darkness around him, his past, speaks to the desire to look for the best in ourselves. This is a darker, grittier Jarod, for darker times, and the takedown is just amazing! Another big surprise were some long–awaited answers to questions that were wonderful to see, as were some old friends and other familiar faces that are making their way into the ongoing saga. As this new Pretender evolves it is giving us new adventures and at the same time enriching the mythos we all know and love. Am extremely excited to see where it all goes and what is to be revealed in Shattered Doll. Cannot wait for more!