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To be perfectly frank, I’d only consider myself as being on a small shelf in the writer’s closet. I've never written before despite the desire at the age of 14 to record the characters I lived amongst in my small mining down in the County of Durham. It all began with a Sunday morning - 38 house paper round and an ‘on the door step fly on the wall’ into the different way people lived. However, I am neither a wannabe great writer nor an avid reader of books, however life, travel and career distracted me from following my secret pleasure. I believe I am an author by fluke on this occasion as my ‘eureka’ moment hit me like a ton of bricks and the idea and subsequent storyline and inspiration flourished so quickly in my mind and would not let go.
I am a nomad by desire having lived in 5 different countries since the 1970s.
I am a nurse by vocational choice and It seems to me that as I approach retirement age life is running ahead, quicker than I would like and I feel as if I am in a virtual’ race within my own mind. A race to download as much as I can, my memory files, material, stories, words, humour and my experiences into hardcopies, before my auto-filing system collaspes and all is destined for the recesses of my mind, never to be heard or seen again. It is a great plan, not only to create more storage space for further short-term hoarding and gathering of facts, but because some of my life is now ‘out there’, a part of me, my .busy 58 years of life in a i-cloud, floating in space, virtual or otherwise, no need for messages in bottles anymore.

I am also so blessed to have two wonderful godchildren. We share our lives together. Our paralleled love of animals inspired my debut novel. I wanted to capture a ‘time’ in our lives that may facilitate a long-lasting positive memory of how love does conquer all in the end as they grow and develop through their own lives. I also want to dedicate Lost Treasure Book 1 to the Animal Rescue agencies who work relentlessly around the world. Thanks to social networking sites more and more animal abuse is being exposed, resulting in more people offering their time and love to address such an issue.
Did you know that 9 million households in Britain own a dog? In the USA 75 million households own a dog? I want my book to reach dog lovers and inspire potential others to take home a dog in distress and care for them, the rewards are priceless gifts of love, companionship and solid loyalty.

Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
HA ! It is a decorators pasting table would you believe? I unravelled metre x metre lenghs of old (un-used) wallpaper and stuck the strips as if I was about to paste them onto the table with blue- tack. Now I have a blank canvas to work and scribble upon.
It worked a treat until I began leaving numerous reference books, dictionary's, cups ,pens and two laptops upon it! BUT! All is not lost!
The overscribbled not-so-anymore blank canvas can be exchanged on a regular basis and the process can begin all over again!
(Of course I omitted to tell you why I ended up with a pasting table.....!!!!)
What's the story behind your latest book?
Is it a gift? Is it an idea? Is it just a passing phase ?Well, whatever mine was i'll never be sure as I have never before put pen to paper despite claiming to be an 'in the closet writer'.
During a normal mobile phone call conversation with my 8 year old goddaughter who was in England enquiring about the well being of her Spanish dog, I suddenly thought it would be fun to pretend to be the dog in that moment. I began relating 'doggie' thoughts and observation's to my godchild. I was not a speaking dog, but a thinking one.
And here we have the 'moment'....."Oh Mum, squealed Lucy, 'it's as if the dog is telling me herself about all the thoughts she is experiencing on her holiday, she's awesome! Exactly from that moment I decided I just had to write a story and so I started with the story of my old 15 year old Bendog and his mysterious disappearance out of our rickety ole campervan on a very lonely back road amongst the hills of Donegal in Ireland one wet and windy Mothers Day night in 2012.
Well I quessed that if I can convince Lucy of my 'bolt of lightening' new talent, it is was worth coming out of the closet and putting that pen to paper and hopefully amuse other children too.
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Lost Treasure Book 1 from the series The Adventures of Millylilly
Series: The Adventures of Millylilly, Book 1. You set the price! Words: 24,180. Language: English. Published: January 17, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals, Fiction » Inspirational
Three months after the mysterious disappearance of Bendog in Ireland, a similar dog shows up at the gate of the family house in Spain. Who is this dog? Are the two related, is Bendog back ? It is a heart-warming and touching true story about love, loss, hope, loyalty and friendship between a family and their dogs. Full of unexpected surprises and adventures revealing how dogs can teach us to love.

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