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  • Married To Murder on Feb. 01, 2011

    Angela Landsbury meets Ms. Marple... This was a fun short read of less than 30 pages... Ella Westin combines a dry wit with a keen mind and is a character that was interesting to share an adventure with... I think that in the short amount of words and pages that the author used this was a tale that fleshed out nicely and had a pretty cool twist at the end... I have to admit I deduced the "villian of the plot" near the end but not fast enough to spoil the entire experience.... I also would like to see what other adventures there is in store for us, if any, starring Ella Westin!
  • The Vampire Across the Hall-2. The Murmuring Lift on Feb. 18, 2011

    Easily read in a few minutes... Has some cliched humor but as a short story it was interesting enough and if there will be more I would like to learn what happens to Daisi next....
  • The Vampire Across the Hall on Feb. 18, 2011

    Short, sweet and to the point! An okay intro to the adventures of Daisi which is worth spending the short of amount of time it takes to read... I liked it well enough to say that will read the second half to see what happens next...
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells on March 12, 2011

    A copy of this book was provided to me for an honest review prior to a blog tour celebrating re-release of the series by the author.. As a long time fan of the television show "Charmed" this book had me hooked with the words Witch and Warlock! While I did find a few errors in spelling and grammar they did not detract from the powerfully written story that had me from the very first page.... I found the entire book to be refreshingly fun, truly enjoyable as the main characters of both Vance and Portia are not only very strong and very well fleshed out by the author but their love story is romantic and emotionally realistic... I am very glad to finally have gotten a chance to read "The Trouble With Spells" as have read many reviews singing it's praises and they were all justified as it is a nice fast easy read that ends on a note that leads right into the next book which I hope is as good as the first one... Fans of YA are going to really enjoy this and fall in love with Vance and Portia's story just like I did!
  • Save My Soul (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Preternaturals Book 2) on May 24, 2011

    Save My Soul is my first read from author Zoe Winters but it will not be my last. From the first I was intrigued with Anna's story if a bit confused... When the light dawned that there was more than just a story about an old house being possessed by a restless and sometimes destructive spirit I was totally hooked and kept reading until every page was devoured! Not only is there plenty of snarky humor when Anna tries to "exorcise" the spirit but there is also a very well built up romantic relationship between Anna and Luc... While there is a lot of tension between Anna and Luc sexually there is not a lot of actual sex , which for me was great because while tension adds to the plot some of the time too much sexual interaction being the main focus really detracts from it... There is a lot going on in the story that will keep any reader glued to the pages, the best part is that you never see the twist in the ending coming at you until it happens... For me that makes a great plot, one that keeps you so busy turning pages that while everything is happening it just flows smoothly and you enjoy the action so much there is no stopping until the story finishes... Like everyone else who has read this book I heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys a hot succubus , humor, paranormal suspense, romance and the consequences of witches curses as well as a little fantasy in their reading diet! I must disclose that this was a review copy received as part of the author's June 7th through July 1st blog tour hosted by The Bookish Snob Promotions with my e-copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. There was no other compensation for reading this book from the author, the tour host or publisher other than my pleasure of reading the book .
  • Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series) on June 22, 2011

    Stella Mayweather has been sent from pillar to post most of her life after losing her parents at the tender age of five... Never staying in one place for long due to strange occurrences which cause her foster families to quickly pack her up and ship her back to social service workers. After finally turning eighteen Stella moves out on her own and makes her way as best she can... Now at twenty-four Stella has settled into a routine of living in one place, going to work each day and coming home each night without much variance from day to day... Suddenly attacked one night she is thrust into a nightmare from which she barely escapes when a strange young woman appears at her flat and whisks her away before she loses her life in a fire set by her previous attackers when they find her at home... Throughout Stella's story as we work our way through all the mysteries that surround her past and all the day to day drama that encompass her present circumstances one thing becomes clear, she is a special young woman who despite her harsh beginnings has strength and admirable amounts of courage. The unraveling of the answers as to who, what, why, when and where take place at a good pace and by the end of the book when the final showdown occurs the reader has learned quite a bit about each of the young witches and the instructors that Stella is placed among to learn how to utilize her craft... The eye opening reveal of the person responsible for the attacks against Stella and her new friends was one that I had figured out a bit before the final showdown but I still had a few surprises to come when other secrets were revealed as well, all in all this was a well thought out original story that had just enough romance thrown in to appeal to a wider audience than just those looking for a good paranormal read! The burning questions in my mind is what will Stella do next? What happened to Evan? What happened to Marc and Kitty? To find out one must continue the series with book 2 Unruly Magic which I intend to do as the story was just getting to the good part when it ended! I strongly recommend this book to those YA readers looking for characters who are young adults in their 20's that can be sympathized with by older people like myself as they have more relatable circumstances going on in their life than someone who is only in their teens. The book is geared more towards adults over the age of 17 as there are sexual scenes that while not explicit are not meant for young readers... Reading Order for series Book 1 Illicit Magic out now and book 2Unruly Magic in July and in December book 3 Devious Magic as per author's information in an interview with The Dark Phantom . I have to disclose that this book was an e-arc copy submitted to me by the author via The Bookish Snob Promotions for an honest review and that there is no other compensation from her, the tour host or the publisher except my reading pleasure and enjoyment of the characters depicted in the story.
  • An Epitaph for Coyote: A Novel on July 15, 2011

    Quite possibly this is one of the most thought provoking reads in my library of books that I finished and still could not put out of my mind. Henry Pluck is the character of every man, someone who you might bump into and never notice as his demeanor is such that he pretty much blends into the proverbial wall. That dullness changes when he meets the very charismatic and off-the-wall Rosa Santana. Rosa comes to Henry's house to exterminate cockroaches and soon the two become involved in a friendship that inexplicably works and even turns into a semi-romance at one point... From Henry Pluck to his elderly friends Vince, Carlos and Irma to the strange young woman Rosa Santana who shines a new light on the darkness that is Henry's life the characters in this story are ones the reader embraces easily. These are the main characters but the secondary characters that grace a few scenes here and there lend believability to the story as well, especially the co-workers in the cubicles at Henry's work place... Having worked in this kind of environment myself I could easily identify with the boredom and the lack of camaraderie as well... There are a lot of things that could be pointed out as to why this particular book is a reading experience that should not be missed, however doing so would retell the tale and totally spoil it for those who have not read it themselves. Suffice to say that author Bryan R. Dennis points out that there is more to most people than what we see on the surface, there is a lot wrong with how we act and react towards each other as human beings, there are more wild animals losing their habitats today than there are places left for them to live their lives out as they have for thousands of years and most of all we do not have to "settle" simply because it is easier to do so than it is to stand up for ourselves and be happy living a genuinely fulfilling life. I have to sincerely thank Bryan R. Dennis for asking me to read An Epitaph For Coyote in exchange for an honest review because it is a truly interesting, funny, sad, happy, gripping and at times bewildering experience that I would have missed out on otherwise. {Disclosure: this book is the only compensation received by me from the author in exchange for an honest review besides my pleasure in reading the story.}
  • The Gauntlet on July 31, 2011

    I loved watching Kit in action in this short novella about The Circle and The Coven witches and mages. It was great to meet Gillian and looking forward to what happens next in the short also featuring her and her second adventure with Kit, "The Queen's Witch".
  • The Queen's Witch on July 31, 2011

    Action packed and another fine adventure featuring Kit Marlowe and his newest ally Gillian a witch he helped rescue from the clutches of "The Circle". In this one once again Kit and Gillian escape by a hair and in the end she is convinced to become employed by Queen Elizabeth as her personal witch.. Would love more novellas by Karen and am looking forward to reading "The Day Of The Dead" next.
  • The Day of the Dead on Aug. 01, 2011

    Tomas was first introduced to us as a minor character in 2006's [book:Touch the Dark|67513], in [book:The Day of the Dead|7623711] he is now on the run intent on putting an end to his evil maker Alejandro. While in a local tavern on his way to confront the Master Vampire he encounters a mysterious young woman who is trying to find her missing brother. The story while short is tense and action packed, one of the finer examples that a book does not have to be 300-400 pages long to give you immense satisfaction and a great look into Tomas's background and current circumstances. The ending leaves the reader cheering Tomas and wishing he had a bigger part to play somewhere in the full length books in the series. (free e-read from Smashwords and also on the author's web site.)
  • Sistienn on Aug. 01, 2011

    A killer vamp story in more ways than one. Sistienn was a free read from Smashwords in July that is easily read in less than 20 minutes.. It follows a female vampire as she wreaks havoc on humans and finds one male in particular that she decides to turn immortal so as to have a companion, slave and lover. Deceit and treachery gain Sistienn her wish and finding out how is what the plot is all about. This is not the best or the worst novella I have read, it is not a bad idea but just not a tale I will read again.. If you are looking for a quick read about a vampire who has no qualms about killing her "food" or using lies to get what she wants than you will find this exactly what you are looking for.
  • A Family Affair on Aug. 22, 2011

    Finally had the chance to read this little short adventure showcased from John Pritkin's POV. Cassie Palmer is once again in danger and John puts his own life on the line. Casanova is involved and chaos ensues. I am so looking forward to reading Hunt the Moon which is sitting on my To Be Read shelf as it should pick up right where this ended. I want to know what happens to Cassie next
  • Diamonds and Toads: A Modern Fairy Tale on Nov. 20, 2011

    Synopsis Once upon a time, there were two sisters, one blessed,and one cursed by fairy magic.... So each sister's story begins. Delilah Perrault is blessed with riches beyond her wildest dreams and the man she's had her eye on for ages--even though he secretly has designs on her newfound wealth instead. Delilah's half-sister, Isadora, is cursed with having her every utterance come out as an obscene and humiliating quip, just when the gorgeous hunk she dumped years before under pressure from mama swaggers back into her life. If you like Bewitched, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, try out this modern girl's fairy tale. My Thoughts Most everyone I know has either had a fairy tale read to them as a child or read them on their own. I am going to warn you now this is not Goldilocks and the three bears! Author K.E. Saxon took what sounded like a fairly straightforward story of two stepsisters and their wretchedly mean mother and turned it on it's ear by creating a very sexy and very entertaining erotic romance that is made up of two parts. Delilah's story is first and when you find out her "dirty little secret" hidden beneath a prim and proper exterior you will do the same thing the rest of us did, laugh long and loud and keep reading in sheer delight! The lovely and oh so tied-to-Mommy's apron strings stepsister, Isadora, is another kettle of fish altogether. Thoroughly jaded and self-centered to a fault she nonetheless tugs at ones heart when she is cursed by the same eccentrically nutty fairy godmotherwho made her sister's every dream come true! Two young women, two different romantic entanglements and a whole lot of dizzying twists and turns later you will be one satisfied reader when they each get their own particular HEA. Nice remake of an "innocent" bedtime story that you will want to reread more than once. [This enchantingly sexy read was won by me in a blog giveaway and sent to me by the author. My thoughts and opinions on the story are honestly my own and in no way influenced by the author or anyone else.] Books by the author include the following erotic romance reads: Diamonds and Toads: A Modern Fairy Tale Love Is The Drug
  • Mortal Obligation on Nov. 27, 2011

    Synopsis Ree will face the darkest form of betrayal before the year is out. Seventeen year old Ree McKenna has three goals: get through high school, convince her crush she is more than his best friend’s little sister, and save money for college. Fate, though, has other plans for her. After the untimely death of her older brother, Ree is haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions. To make matters worse, Ree has started to suspect that something dangerous is stalking her from the shadows. A night full of frightening surprises leaves Ree with unsettling news. Gifted by the gods with unusual powers, she must devote herself to a battle that could very well lead to not only her death, but the demise of everyone she knows and loves. After all, Ree is the only mortal standing between the Earth and utter darkness. Set in Savannah, Ga, Mortal Obligation is the first book of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy. My Thoughts This was a book that I won from Judi "Sidhe Viscious" blog in a giveaway and when received it from the author immediately dove in and started reading this YA UF paranormal. For a first book in a trilogy this one of course sets up the world and the characters for the storyline, unlike some though there is never an area where the reader feels overwhelmed with information or lost trying to keep track of the multiple characters. Ree is a normal "geeky" high school student whose main goal is just to get through and graduate while attempting to enjoy life along the way with her friends. There have been times throughout her life when she feels like something is out there watching her in the shadows, sadly when she is proven right it is a much more terrifying presence than what she could have ever imagined. Power comes to Ree to help save her life and that of her friends changing their futures forever. This is a roller coaster ride of a read one that takes one that takes different elements, including modern day happenings, and interweaves them together to create quite an enjoyable addition to the paranormal reading genre that I have loved to immerse myself in for many years now. The way that the author shapes the characters is unique and interesting. The dynamics between Ree and her friends very carefully thought out and also in keeping with real teenagers actions including all their angst, drama, silliness and even unthinking selflessness when faced with protecting the ones they care about. I am really looking forward to the next book "Mortal Defiance" because when this first part of the story ended it just barely skimmed the surface of revealing what was going to happen next!
  • Love Is The Drug on Dec. 05, 2011

    Book Synopsis What's a guy to do when he meets the woman of his dreams, but she turns out to be the sister of his most despised enemy? Fall in love, of course! * * * This is the story of Jason Jörgensen, an excitement-loving bad boy and Julie Del Mar, the quiet, romantic dreamer who breaches his devil-may-care façade and helps heal the frightened boy inside. Conceived during a violent rape, Jason knows deep down that he’s no good. So, as far as he’s concerned, his plan never to have children is not only sound, but also the right thing to do. Julie, orphaned at twelve, has now lost her surrogate parent—her older sister—to suicide. Returning to the only real home she ever had and someday making her own family is her most profound wish. A drugged-drink Vegas wedding brings them together, but a pregnancy test tears them apart. My Thoughts Have you ever seriously felt total anguish when reading about a character's past? Have you ever wished you could reach into the pages of a book to soothe that pain and help make it better? Oh boy did that happen with this one. Jason is carrying around the weight of the world on his love-em and leave-em shoulders all due to one secret from his past that turned his world upside down and almost tore it to pieces 5 years ago. Julie is the sister of the woman who was the catalyst for Jason's current state of mind. She is also probably the only woman in the world who has a hope in Hell of making him see exactly what he wants even when he will not admit it to himself. This one was a mixture of fun reading, heavy emotional scenes that will make the reader cringe in horror at some of what is brought to life and at the same time wish for a happy ending for all the parties involved. The author took a chance and wrote a romance that will make you laugh, make you cringe, make you sweat, make you stay seated turning the pages as the characters lives unfold before you and in the end have you crying with relief and joy just like I did because when all is said and done! For a born romantic like myself this was the perfect way to spend a chilly day indoors kept warm by the bedroom scenes and kept entertained by the interaction between Jason, Gabe, Julie and Luke. The kitten Pookie even added a few lighter moments in what was at times a fairly intense read. [Ecopy via Smashwords coupon from author in exchange for an honest review.]
  • 101 Degrees Fahrenheit on Jan. 31, 2012

    Ebook description On the hottest day of the summer Kathy Robert's airconditoner breaks at her barber shop, Great Headz, and she still has one more customer. It's hot and sticky, but he's not going anywhere. And he wants more than a trim. My Thoughts Kathy and her last customer of the day burn up the pages in this very short tale. It has a twist to the story that lovers of second chance at romance will enjoy as well as some very sexy scenes between Kathy and her "customer"! I enjoyed this free read and think that as a way to get warm on a cool windy winter weekend it did it's job pretty well.
  • Forget Me Not (#2, The Mystic Wolves) on May 16, 2012

    My Thoughts Forget Me Not picks up with the cliff hanger that ended book 1, Without Mercy. The arrival of the mysterious Amber, the self proclaimed "Real future mate" for Mason puts Darcy's world into a tailspin. Lies, deceptions and cruelly harmful intentions are soon revealed when it becomes apparent to Darcy, Mason and Daniel that there is nothing Amber will not do to claim what she feels is hers by right! The passion that Darcy and Mason feel for each other, the love they share, the very future of they and their pack is once again threatened by outside forces. It is a testament to the authors skill in portraying each character in this series that once again the reader is drawn in deep and fast to the story, not putting the book down until all is revealed, the treacherous villain is dealt with, the final showdown is at hand and the last page is turned! If ever there were two characters who were truly "fated" to be together it is Mason and Darcy. Once again though we are left with an ending that leaves the future of these two lovers hanging in the balance. Will they ever catch a break and have their HEA? Waiting to find out what happens next in book 3, "Tempting Fate", is going to be so excruciating but I have the feeling it will be worth it! For anyone who loves sweet romance mixed with wicked heat, anyone who enjoys dramatic beginnings and endings to a story, anyone who enjoys reading about a vampire who is trying to find his own identity by dressing up in the most outlandish ways he can find and brings a bit of lightness with humorous snark than you will enjoy this second foray into the world of The Mystic Wolves and their friends. [An ecopy was provided by author in exchange for an honest review. ]
  • The Brotherhood Of Piaxia on June 25, 2012

    Book Synopsis Years have passed since the overthrow of the monarchy by the Brotherhood of Warlocks and they rule Piaxia in peaceful accord. But now forces are at work to disrupt this rule from outside the Brotherhood as well as within! Follow Tarlok, Savan and Tessia as their paths intertwine, with the Brotherhood in pursuit and the powerful merchant’s guild manipulating the populace for their own end. My Thoughts Filled with action, intrigue, adversity, warlocks, magic and a multitude of characters this is an adventure that will be enjoyed by lovers of fantasy mixed with romance for years to come. Granted there are times when you feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the cast of characters but once you start immersing yourself within this tale that ceases to be a concern, rather you will race through each chapter rooting for good to withstand and ultimately overcome evil! This is a classic tale that is given new life by the author with his imaginative twists and plot turns, a tale that introduces the reader to memorable characters, fantastic feats of magic and victorious battles where planning and execution of audacious strategies overcome superior forces. In all the years that I have been reading it still thrills me to find another story that would make a great epic movie, this is possibly one of them if in the hands of the right director and casting agent! The book is easily read, the language is at times a bit over the top but suits the time and places that are used for settings for the characters, there is a sense of wonder in certain places and in others you know exactly what is coming before the scene plays out. All in all an excellent way to escape real life for a time while following the journey that ends quite satisfactorily. [Ecopy received from author in exchange for an honest review.]
  • Song of the Highlands: The Cambels (The Medieval Highlanders) on Aug. 19, 2014

    Read from August 17 to 18, 2014 Book Info Kindle Edition, 400 pages Published May 2nd 2014 by Passion Flower Publishing ASIN B00K3B0GGO edition language English other editions (1) Source:Digital copy from Author in exchange for honest review Book Buy Links SMASHWORDS AMAZON B&N BOOK SYNOPSIS **BONUS POSTQUEL INCLUDED AT BACK OF BOOK** He captured her innocence with his savage desire, she conquered his heart with her song… “Say naught. Else you shall be next.” These are the words that leave a six-year-old Highland lass without a voice, and without memory of that terrible day her family's caravan was overtaken and her parents were slain. Now, thirteen years later, fresh from the nunnery where she was taken after the attack, Highland Lady, Morgana Cambel, harbors only one wish: To have one night of ecstasy with the man of her dreams—her worldly, beautiful cousin's sometime lover—Robert MacVie. So, when she is offered such a chance—a secret switch—she determines to take it. Highland Laird, Robert MacVie, desperately plots to ensnare his heiress lover into marriage in order to gain her dowry and pay his King the debt his late father owed, thus saving his clan from division and ruin. But a last minute switch changes the course of his life—and his heart—forever. When their passionate interlude is discovered by her unctuous, devious uncle, nothing will do but that Robert wed the impoverished Morgana instead. At first, they both resist. He, for the sake of his clan. She, for the sake of her unrequited love. But they quickly discover that resistance is futile. And a boon by the King soon lessens Robert’s debt. Now, as their desire for each other grows, as Morgana’s voice begins to return only in song, as their hearts bond, a legacy of jealousy and greed entraps Morgana in a furious death plot—and only her warrior-knight husband can save her! My Thoughts As someone who at one point read nothing but historical novels have developed a lifelong love of stories featuring the Scottish Highlands and the men and women whose passion for life is unsurpassed by any other characters. There is nothing as satisfying as immersing oneself in a well spun story which is exactly what happened while reading about the tumultuous love affair between Morgana and Robert. This is a lush, long read that has so many things going on you will not want to take a break but when you do it is easy to pick up where you left off. What I especially enjoyed is the way that all the plots in the book weave together to create a beautiful finale that makes up for all the times when it seemed that there would never be a truly happy ending for anyone. Having read many others thoughts on this particular book have to agree with the majority that not only does the author portray this time period quite well but her characters are easy to relate to as well as fascinating to learn about, also the more mundane aspects of life during the 13th century are interestingly described which adds to the realism of the story as well. I am thankful that we were given a bonus read at the end that also helped to give closure to a secondary plot. This is a well researched, well thought out, extravagant medieval historical romance with tons of action-romantic suspense and lusty scenes hot enough to melt the your ereader! [Digital copy from Author in exchange for honest review]
  • Demon Stones on Nov. 12, 2014

    Read from November 06 to 08, 2014 Book Info Kindle Edition, 582 pages Published July 21st 2014 ISBN 13 9780987770646 edition language English other editions None found Source:[Digital copy from author in exchange for honest review] Book Buy Links Amazon SMASHWORDS BOOK SYNOPSIS It’s been almost a hundred years since warlock meddling freed the demons from their underground domain. Their eventual capture has encased them in large stones across all the lands. They became known as the demon stones. Over time, the truth of their imprisonment devolved into legend and tales to frighten children. Now, the seven kingdoms are in upheaval. The demon stones are being opened and the vile creatures once more roam the land. War has broken open between realms as the fingers of accusation are pointed. Caught in the middle is Gar Murdach, a farm boy who recently passed the age of ascension of sixteen marking him as a man, and his younger sister, Darlee, as they both struggle in their separate ways to escape the horrors wrought by the demons and the war that swarms round them. My Thoughts Having read and enjoyed The Brotherhood Of Piaxia , which also is set in the same world as Demon Stones , it was my pleasure and privilege to read a copy when the author asked me for an honest review. In a world where magic is outlawed with the penalty for practicing it’s art is to be put to death young Gar Murdach accidentally commits the unpardonable crime of setting free a demon imp. This at first innocent action sets off a chain of events that soon lead to a war that threatens to ravage a good part of the kingdom as well as take away everything and everyone who Gar cherishes. In my mind there was no doubt that Gar made a huge error in judgement by continuing to free the demons from their stone prisons, although they proved over and over again to be useful the bloodshed that was left in their wake was not always that of a combatant but also innocents. As a lover of fantasy this was a very smoothly developed story for me, it took place in a make believe land whose inhabitants were as diverse as one would expect in a time where technology had not been invented and people still lived off their labor at different tasks for most of the population. There was of course the ruling class, those whose wealth and privilege were so far removed from the commoners who they depended on to provide them with service and goods that it was surreal to a simple farm boy like Gar. Having grown up in a household that never provided more than the basics when Gar finally found himself in a position of power with the demons he had freed he pretty much let it go to his head, as they say absolute power corrupts absolutely especially when one does not have the maturity needed to make sound decisions as to how to wield it. The best part of the whole book was the fact that throughout the story there was never any thought on the part of the author to gloss over it’s harsher aspects, rather the brutality of quite a few of the scenes kept things in perspective as to just how serious consequences for ones actions could get. Ultimately what I took away from this book was the fact that at some point we all face hard choices, we also face adversity that tests our inner strength but the difference between taking responsibility for ones actions as well as working through human frailties is what determines whether one is aligned with good or evil. In Gar’s case that line was very hard to define at times, it was also easier for him to confuse his need for vengeance rather than the need for justice until he finally learned the hard way. The characters are many, the world is well described, the action is plentiful and at times heart wrenching, the political angles of the story are well thought out, the magic used is at times scary and at other times wondrous but always helpful to it’s wielder, there are moments of great bravery that come from unexpected sources as well as moments of cowardice from expected ones all in all this is a story told on a broad scale as it crosses multiple genres while holding true to it’s roots of fantasy. This is an easy to get caught up and swept away type of tale, not all hearts and flowers though as it has a lot of scenes that are brutally painful as well as graphic in their description. Totally not one for squeamish stomachs but if you do not mind a harsher reality than be prepared to enjoy this fantasy adventure fully! [Digital copy from author in exchange for honest review]