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  • Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story on July 21, 2015
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    In this short story, Torres is writing in a way that is very fluid and vivid. The characters jump off the page. The short scenes burst with action and intensity and emotion. I really liked the main character in this sea story (Senior Chief O'Reilly). It was nice to meet the author Malcolm Torres at the library here and hear him read from his new book about a sailor in Hawaii who has PTSD. Seems Torres' style is heartbreaking and funny all at once. I think his new one is called Sailors Delight, it's set in Hawaii.
  • Smashwords Style Guide on March 29, 2016

    This is required reading for anyone who is going to indie-publish on Smashwords, iBooks or B&N. Concisely written with a dash of humor.
  • Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story on March 29, 2016

    A great story and well worth the time to read it. I learned about the fascinating and dangerous world on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Entertaining and educational.
  • The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success on March 29, 2016

    If you are an indie author, this book explains everything you need to do, how to do it and why to do it -- when it comes to laying the foundation for your brand and your marketing plan. There are many other things you need to do, but this is a great place to start.
  • "Ghost On the High Seas" on Feb. 25, 2018

    I've had this on my phone for years. I read it a long time ago. It was good and I enjoyed it because I love sea stories, especially those including horror and crime. The paranormal elements were creepy and well done.
  • Stellar Ark on Feb. 25, 2018

    This book is totally original but it reminded me of Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean and The Terror by Dan Simmons.
  • The Pirate, Part I: The Traitor on Feb. 25, 2018

    This author always sets up his stories aboard a ship or in an exotic seaside location. This book is on a Coast Guard Cutter patrolling near Key West for smugglers. It captured my imagination because the main character is new to the Coast Guard, so he's not using lots of military lingo. I enjoyed the crime and the spirit of adventure found in the story.
  • The Pirate, Part II: The Kingpin on Feb. 25, 2018

    This story gripped me and would not let go. After part 1, I read part 2 in a few hours. I could not put it down. The cool thing is that its about a Coast Guard / DEA task force and they track down and bust drug smugglers, but the main characters are two regular guys and a girl, so it's easy to follow and funny. The author has a point of view that is enjoyable to read and follow. The action is intense and there a romantic part to the story.
  • Al-Qaeda as a Business on Feb. 25, 2018

    This book like the others offer an interesting take on history, with bits of opinion and conspiracy theory added to keep it interesting.