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  • Angel Evolution on Feb. 25, 2012
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    Totally awesome book, I love the twist on the evolution of angels and demons it is so different ant very refreshing. I love the fact that even though Taylor is in love with Gabriel she tries to stay strong and do the right think not throw everything away for a boy, which a lot of the YA books are now more about co-dependency then anything else. I loved this book I bought the second book as soon as I was done reading this
  • Blue Sky Days on March 25, 2012

    Really good book, I am very impressed. I loved the story it is so inspiring, I have had several people in my life who have battled with cancer, so the struggle is very real and scary. That was portrayed very well. The whole story , not just the beating cancer part was touching and very real. Being lost and confused as a young adult is very prominent among today's youth. Reading this book I learned a few things about myself and my life that I want to change, it has been an eye opener. I find that for the most time you can predict what is going to happen throughout the story but there were so many twists and turns I was unable to even think about what was going to happen all I could think about was "what is happening". Thank you for a truly inspirational read!!
  • Believe on July 12, 2012

    I loved, loved ,loved this story. At first it was little Twilighty, but once you move past that the story comes to life, ( besides with such a popular book as Twilight you are bound to find similarities in many books you read, I know I have). The only thing that really did bother me was the spelling issues, wrong words in some places. (Spelling and grammar, totally my pet peeves) I think that elements of the story were very creative I love the fact the almost all of the supernatural creatures encountered have a special ability or talent. When it comes out that Andrea is a vampire hunter princess, who was hidden away by her mother in fear of the danger she would face; it was exciting and not really what I had anticipated. I was not as surprised when we find out that Andrea is half vampire it explains why she had influence over vampires as well as her huntress side of the family. I enjoyed the story and the creativity of it immensely! I believe that with a little editing and spelling/grammar fixes this book would be a great addition to any paranormal book lover’s shelf.
  • Tomahawks & Zombies on Sep. 08, 2012
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    I received this book from the Author as a gift, this fact has not influence my review at all!! I really enjoyed this book I have a thing with this genre I hate it or I love it there is no in between for me! This story was great it was very creative and not overdone! The characters are well developed and very dimensional their real people sometimes with this genre there's not much to a person other than what they're dealing with. The book is well written when I do reviews for authors I expect some level of spelling/grammatical errors, since this is my Biggest pet peeve I notice it a lot, Beausoleil, has obviously edited this book with great care because I noticed no errors. I have put Joe Beausoleil on my to watch list I can't wait to see what he brings next!