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  • The Hermit of Scarecrow Valley on Jan. 20, 2015

    Wow. Wonderful story...the premise, well it requires suspension of disbelief, but not as much as you'd think, AND Mr. L shows his skill of creating deep characters with sensibl-er, well *realistic* motivations and thought-processes (which, like actual people in real life, aren't always _sensible_ ). i.e. though the direction and destination are somewhat unexpected to reach...the journey taken by these characters and the choices they make (and mistakes) believably lead to this destination. The technical writing is near perfect (the pdf version had a few formatting typos - typically at the 'scene breaks') and actually better than what you'd see in professional newspapers or even scholarly journals nowadays. And the...well, I find I keep complimenting this man that his sex scenes are great, but the best part of his (non-brief 'stroke') stories are the romances and relationships. Well worth the price, and if I knew someone was fine with the particular twists that this story diverts to, I'd readily recommend it to them!
  • Tumblr Sister on Jan. 22, 2015

    *sigh* Another great story. What little suspension of disbelief required is actually LAMPSHADED at times - Mr. L has this indescribable talent to take a thoroughly unbelievable 'end-game' set of circumstances and weave an completely credible, appealing and engrossing tale that gradually nudges human and realistic characters (and even a skeptical reader along with them) along a rich and fascinating story to that final goal. I find I care for these fictional creations as much as I would real friends, such is his skill! Again, easily worth both the paltry fee and the fair investment of time, and again, I'd endorse this to anyone who's not violently opposed to the few 'kinks' in the weave this luxurious tapestry!
  • Tumblr MILF on Jan. 24, 2015

    D'awwww! I'd write a longer review, but...."It's complicated." ;) More honest, earnest and humble people that Mr. L writes so well. They aren't perfect, but they're good people, and the reader feels compelled to see them do well. I'll 'spoil' the ending and tell you that everything works out in the end...which is nothing like a surprise if you've read other of his stories. ;) There IS tension, and complication, and knowing that everyone gets through it to the happy destination still doesn't ruin the voyage to get there. A good read, with some of the humour that I've come to expect to help keep get things started. (and I'd say it was more a NC-17 rating, but only because the MPAA are unnatural prudes :P )
  • The Bob Claus on Feb. 06, 2015

    Lubrican has written 'naughty fairy tales' in the past - often adaptations of traditional stories that he makes...'rational explanations' for, such that you might well come away from reading "Goldie Lox and the Three Behrs" with a fleeting impression that 'hey, the way he describes it, it could actually happen'. And so it is with this story. To tell more could potentially spoil the story, but Mr. L once again takes an unlikely premise, couches it in a believable setting with sufficient detail to give you a solid foundation to start from...and then gives you sturdy structure to climb to get to that 'pie in the sky' idea. And best of all, the sturdy structure is a delight to look at and interact with...just like what a good architect would create. (in-joke) If you even a tiny part of you that 'still believes in fairy tales', you'll want to read this story!