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I'm Jake Wittol, and the stories I've published are my fantasies. How do such fantasies evolve, you might ask? Well, the facts below explain that pretty well, I think.
My wife is about 5' tall, about 100 lbs, with a ridiculous body, highlighted by a 30 DD chest, capped by the biggest nipples I've ever seen. She also has a beautiful face, heart-shaped, with big green eyes, a slightly oversized mouth with full lips, a button nose, the whole thing framed by soft auburn curls and sprinkled with freckles.
The whole package is incredibly sexy. However, she's deeply religious and has almost no interest in sex. My frustration with this situation has led to my fantasies. I spend inordinate amounts of time imagining her encountering a huge cock, resulting in her sexual inhibitions being shattered, and her becoming a complete slut for huge cocks.
I'm not the typical cuckold, at least not as I see them most commonly depicted. First, I'm not submissive. I'm neither psychologically suited to it, nor physically subject to it. At 5'10, 235lbs, almost all of it muscle, I'm actually stronger than about two-thirds of the players in the NFL, based on the bench press results from the combine. So, the idea of being intimidated into submission is ridiculous, and it plays no role in my fantasies. In fact, my fantasies make it clear, either explicitly or implicitly, that the stud or studs servicing my wife are doing so at my sufferance.
Nevertheless, sadly, I have a small cock. Just two inches soft, not quite four when erect; I blame my size, in part, for my wife's lack of sexual interest. Hence my fantasies, which I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy producing them.
For more information, please see my tumblr blog at: : http://shesnotcheating.tumblr.com
Or you can email me at: shesnotcheating@gmail.com

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