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Jamaal is known for staying positive and determined in everything that he focuses on. Managing to attend college and work with extraordinary people in his company on a daily basis, he spreads positivity to business owners and start-ups worldwide. His friends and family can tell you that a smile on Jamaal's face brings a smile on your face.

Jamaal is well known for his concept, "Maximum Belief Power", something that his friends hear him say a lot and are not surprised that he is now an author and motivational speaker.

Jamaal did not start out as an author and speaker. Ever since he was a child he was an entrepreneur with a "never quit" attitude. He later took that same mentality and had four years of success in the U.S. Marine Corps., reaching the rank of non-commission officer.

On his off-days he enjoys writing, reading, singing, playing badminton and basketball.

Jamaal’s mission is to gather positive thinkers. His vision includes not only his success but also the success of people who are starting personal, professional, and spiritual movements.

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