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I have been trying and not succeeding at getting publish, so I decided to try my hand at getting my work out. This website is the perfect way for me to get my work out and receive honest criticism.

So a little about me I'm a 32 year old happily married Christian man. I have been writing since I was about twenty two, I have long been an avid fan of all sorts of literature.
I started out writing poems while in college and after I got married started trying my hands at novels. I have written three novels, one which is the featured novel on my page, and two of which I scrapped some time ago but they may come back in the future.
Currently I'm working on the sequel to the before mention novel and another novel that has somehow taken precedence over my mind, I'm sure you know how that is.
Whoa! You still there.... I'm just about done,;)
Lastly, just wanted to thank you for your support of not only me but all of the other independent authors on this and others site. now I'm new to this whole internet marketing thing, so bare with me. I'm setting up my Facebook page as I write this, I knew it's sad that I don't have a Facebook right, well I'm almost a decade late but I'm about to join the party. So check me out and "like me" I think that is the term ;). Thanks Again for your support and I hope you enjoy and receive some meaning out of my books.~James

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