James Kingston


The writer - producer James Kingston has scripted, produced and directed factual films for many of the world’s largest international clients and broadcasters. Awards include two from the BMA in the production of promotional films for the worldwide launch of a major new vaccine, and travel and health related projects. He has also created and scripted original TV programmes for the BBC. The first, ‘Five Go Mad’ a light entertainment format exploring the mysteries behind traditional children’s nursery rhymes, and a second ‘Bad Taste’ takes a light hearted look the more controversial aspects of modern art. Both were piloted in partnership with format guru and award winning producer/ writer Justin Scroggie, during his period as creative entertainments head at Chatsworth Television.
A pre- school stop frame animation series “Tatterjack” made in partnership with the renowned film animators Cosgrove Hall Film received substantial support from The European Media Fund in financing a broadcast pilot and proposed talking book.
With his wife, a celebrated portrait painter, he has also co- produced bestselling titles for the art leisure industry which heave been translated into fifteen languages. Three half hour formats for the Sky painting channel, will be broadcast early in 2010 and compilation DVDs and further titles on portraiture are planned.
Two comedy drama script formats, one written in partnership with novelist Sarah Harrison, are currently under review with prospective production partners.
‘Chinese Puzzle’ is the first of three titles concerned with subjects extensively researched during the author’s career as an independent factual producer. With a high degree of actual event and prediction in its narrative this first full length novel has undergone extensive adaptation over a period of years with editorial guidance from Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. The following is an extract from their last report.
‘This is an important subject and an engaging topical thriller. With Global warming as just one of its themes, the fiction is grounded enough in contemporary reality to be both believable and deeply disturbing.’


This member has not published any books.