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James Lauren was born in the swinging 60's but missed out on all the fun! His first few years of life led him to have great expectations for the future - he saw England lift the Jules Rimet World Cup in 1966 (although being only 5 months old at the time was more interested in eating his own fist), and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in '69 (or would have if he wasn't three years old and safely tucked up in bed at 3am on that momentous day).

George Orwell's 1984, TV's Space 1999 and Hollywood's 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey Two all fanned the flames of hope for a bold exciting future, only for the reality of those years to fall well short of expectations. And the less said about the lack of DeLorean's flying overhead on 21st October 2015 the better!

However he is a first generation Trekkie and he knows that in Star Wars Han really did shoot first. These and a life-long addiction to science fiction and fantasy in all their forms have helped to keep his head lost amongst the stars (with a broadsword strapped across his back).

James' fiction has been borne out of his love of these genre's and should it influence just one person to develop a similar affection he will consider it a job well done.

Check out the blog he never updates @ http://jameslauren31.blogspot.co.uk

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