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James Oh BAC (Hons), LLB (Hons), CA (M), MPMA (UK),

A Chartered Accountant with Qualified Legal professional degree, James is also a powerful and prolific writer and trainer. He has nearly 30 years of experience in various industries in addition to his breakthrough achievement as a writer. He has studied, researched and written in the fields of financial literacy, mindset and wealth.

James’ goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. He has been personally trained by world-class trainers and coaches like Dato’ Lawrence Chan, Mr. KC See. Mr. Gerry Robert and Madam Teoh Poh Yew.

He has wealthy, broad and diversified experience ranging from treasury, financial, secretarial, corporate finance, insurance and risk management. As one of the senior and pioneer in a fast growing company, he was able to use his know how, knowledge, creativity and innovative mindset to craft the effective operational and strategic plans in helping the owner of the private limited company organically growing his company into publicly listed company as well weather through the Asean Financial crisis in 1997-8 successfully. He has well demonstrated his capability by constantly focusing into continual improvement of key material areas (80:20 rules) in line with its strategic plan at each stage, Survival, Stable and Success successfully.

The holistic approach he implemented was based on the Financial and Non-Financial framework in responding to the changes of the external environment at that material time. He is also adorned with strong Business Acumen and Financial Literacy, Analytical Abilities and Strategic Thinking by offering added value in New Solutions Building, Reviewing & Executing Successful Strategies to achieve breakthrough.

James Oh is a CPT graduate from Quest Learning Sdn. Bhd., Competent Communicator from Toastmasters International and a certified Human Resources Development Fund Train-the Trainer by Human Resources Development Bhd. (PSMB). His broad exposure, diversified experiences, passion, and commitment are definitely assets that set Him apart from others.

His articles are published monthly in the top investment magazine i.e. Smart Investor Magazine and First Finance. He is also a regular contributor to various digital and publication.

He is a much sought after speaker on economic, financial literacy and changing mindset and currently attached to numerous local professional institutions, international business clubs.

James is also facilitating :-

Looking Beyond Financial Statements
Seeing Beyond Numbers
Understanding Business Beyond the Numbers
Looking Beyond Financial Statements – Breakthrough
Looking Beyond Financial Statements – Investor’s Perspective
Looking Beyond Financial Statements – Sustainable Growth
Looking Beyond Financial Statements - Triple Bottom Lines
Financial Ratios - Pointers for Progress, Profitability and Prsperity
Financial Literacy & Wisdom For Health, Wealth & Happiness
Financial Literacy & Wisdom For Financial Independence, Freedom & Riches
Moving Beyond the Horizon

James Oh can be contacted at jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk.

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What’s your passion?
My passion is to help others, especially those who have not lived up to their full potential, because they are lacking self-esteem and self-confidence.
What’s your passion?
My passion is to help others, especially those who have not lived up to their full potential, because they are lacking self-esteem and self-confidence.
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