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James Rickon, louche fellow from the rooms upstairs, never had a chance to be any different than he is. Having learnt to read with Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin (and thus having a reading voice at the age of five that mimicked the rough tones of Captain Haddock) he soon graduated to Captain WE Johns' Biggles adventures and had his view of the world shaped by a time that had long since passed. Not put off by such a trivial matter as having been born a hundred years too late, James struggled on against the modern world and amassed a comprehensive collection of late Victorian to early twentieth century adventure fiction consisting of authors such as Verne, Wells, Conan Doyle, Buchan and Rider Haggard in which to immerse himself.

With a sweet tooth for late nineteenth century French fin de siècle, literature that did little more than influence his drinking habits enough to dilute his ennui, and a penchant for old fashioned adventures (inevitably involving service revolvers, tweed and stout hearted chaps struggling against all manner of insidious foe) The Adventures of Augustus Fuller was published by the author in 2011 to reinvigorate the classic adventure genre, brimming with anarchists, intrigue and all manner of insidious foe.

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