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Evaluate his skills and experience in SEO

SEO techniques are many and varied. The candidate must demonstrate a good command of technology and Web SEO is to say about the different algorithms of Google (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird ...) and their applications on the positioning of a site.

An SEO expert should have a broad vision of web businesses to succeed in SEO because he has to understand the technical aspects of web design, production constraints of content, identify partners via social networks, analyze competing strategies ... His vision must be comprehensive and integrate seamlessly into your Inbound Marketing strategy. It must therefore be able to offer you a unique SEO strategy tailored to your business prospects.

Its SEO project management skills

This specialist must demonstrate a real ability to manage a SEO project. You can evaluate it from the significant results of his previous work in the field. SEO is a job for the long term, which must be constantly challenged and refined. The algorithms of search engines, and the expectations of users are constantly changing. An SEO expert must be regularly informed of these developments and take into account to regularly refine the project to complete it.

The evaluation of its results via ROI

The impact of web SEO strategy should be measured to better evaluate the return on investment. Never forget that the keywords are critical in your content marketing. An SEO expert should know perfectly select and integrate, so they have a positive impact on the generation of qualified traffic that could serve your business. Its results evaluation method allows you to gauge the reliability of its strategy. SEO should primarily be part of a comprehensive digital strategy and use the results of the company.

Spiked web SEO technique, the SEO expert must also show transversal competences and skills in digital marketing. His work blend in perfectly with a strategy Inbound Marketing , he must master the challenges. Finally, an SEO specialist absolutely must train regularly on new techniques and changes initiated by the search engines. His curiosity and passion for the business are its two flagship assets to properly carry out your SEO strategy. Contact us to put your serving your success!

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