Jamie Brindle


Jamie Brindle has been writing stories for many years. Occasionally, they are even published.

He was raised by two ex-hippies that sold boomerangs for a living and grew a hedge maze in their back garden, in Bedfordshire, England. He was home educated until the age of fourteen, which gave him lots of time to do the really important things in life, like make boomerangs and run around mazes.

He studied biochemistry at the University of Susses, before realising that he didn't really enjoy working in labs. He then worked in a school for around four years—a terrifying experience for someone who was home educated—before studying medicine at Warwick University. He currently works as a GP trainee in the East Midlands. He finds writing speculative fiction a wonderful way to unwind after long shifts spent in the bizarre fantasy world of the NHS.

This is his first published novel. Shorter stories are available online. If you really like them, you can even buy a collection.

Where to find Jamie Brindle online

Twitter: @mazeman11


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