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Smashwords book reviews by J A-M

  • End of Innocence (Fargoer Short Stories, #1) on Sep. 10, 2012

    Very good historical fantasy with approachable characters. In my opinion, writing a historical fiction mixed with fantasy elements is one of the most challenging things you can do in fantasy genre. However, the writer of Fargoer stories succeeds to deliver interesting and historically acceptable fiction with just enough mystique so you can call Fargoer stories fantasy. I've read Fargoer stories both in original Finnish format and in English. In my opinion, versions in Finnish serve the stories' setting better, but English versions are enjoyable too. Writer's style reminds me a bit of Robert E. Howards pulp adventures. However, style in Fargoer stories isn't as verbose and flamboyant as Howard's, and Fargoer is a bit less "pulpy", if that's even a word. Here and there the pace of stories is a bit fast, and I could see these stretched out as longer stories. There are places where, the story goes forward a bit too fast and the opportunity to flesh out the scenes is a bit wasted. However, the Fargoer stories are enjoyable enough in short story format. In my opinion, the strongest point of Fargoer is, that even if these are pulp stories, the writer manages to write believable fiction with approachable characters. These kind of stories in short story format don't have a lot of opportunities to flesh the characters out, but the writer manages to slip enough backstory to the characters to make them interesting. The characters aren't Conans or other mighty pulp heroes, but flawed and common people in brutal and dangerous times.