Ian Schmahmann


Ian Schmahmann was born in Durban South Africa in 1954. He spent his first 10 years in Durban and then moved to Johannesburg at the end of 1964. In 1966 Ian discovered his passion for electronics which ultimately became his career path. Ian and his friends used to construct radio transmitters which they would then use to talk to each other while they rode their bicycles around the streets of Johannesburg.
Ian obtained his B Sc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Natal in 1976 and five years later he migrated to Sydney Australia where he has lived since 1981. Ian formed Mann Industries in 1985 whci grew over the next 19 years to become one of the most successful industrial instrumentation companies in the Australasian Region. The company was sold in 2004 and Ian has done various consulting jobs since then.
Ian has a keen interest in the environment and has undertaken courses so he can be registered as a qualified thermographer. His new company Meascom is orienting itself towards energy efficiency and thermal imaging
Ian discovered his ability to write Children's Books recently and has in the last two months written 5 in the Morgie and Peej Series of Books with several more in various stages of development. Ian has a good sense of humor and fun and this reflects in his writings and the images he has illustrated. Being an engineer, his thoughts are always logical and his stories flow in a way that is understandable to young readers.


This member has not published any books.