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When I was a child at just 5 years of age my mother and father divorced who were quite young themselves, I don’t remember the ordeal but I do remember not long after mum remarrying to a man who was violent towards her on a regular basis. Not long after they too were divorced and after he set a bon fire and burnt everything including pretty much all my baby and child photos (I have only half a dozen now) we moved to a woman’s refuge to go into hiding. I was now the man of the house at just 8 and the eldest of 4.

Around that time is a bit of a blur for me I’m guessing for obvious reasons but after a bunch of physical ordeals and dramas we moved to a suburb called Lockridge, Which at the time was the roughest suburb in Western Australia full of homes west housing, flats and units. I was quite a chubby kid and didn’t seem to fit in I seemed to get picked on a lot because of it so I became a bully, I remember getting into fights almost daily including an ordeal with scissors.

Before too long I was in High School and that’s when the fun began. The very first week at our high school (the roughest in WA) there was another kid that was stabbed like 40 times. It wasn’t long before I was going to parties and smoking marijuana and drinking. We use to even go on our lunch breaks to buy casks of wine and smoke joints. We would even drink the casks of wine at the back of the class in school.

By year 10 it was the norm to carry a knife for protection, there where fights most days and stabbings where normal things, I even recall a few shootings. I personally was stabbed, hit in the back of the head with a sledge hammer and the face with the back of an axe, all before the age of 16 in which I was kicked out of the home. When my mum told me she was dying of cancer and we found out that really she had severe Bi-polar.

Once I was kicked out I stayed at different friends’ houses until I out stayed my welcome so the next option was youth hostels and this is when I started getting into a little more serious drugs like Rohipnol, other pills, speed and ecstasy. This is also when I witnessed one man on drugs stab another man in the heart with a 10 inch chef knife and watching him die. Within 6 months due to a mini riot I caused I was banned from every hostel in Perth and now had nowhere to stay but the streets, parks and any other place I could find in Perth where I wouldn’t get arrested. I literally only had the clothes on my back and sometimes go days without food, I would beg for money but would spend it on alcohol. After 6 months on the streets I was introduced to heroin at the age of 17 and over the next 12 months is really when I would get an awakening call. I now had a new circle of friends and they were all heroin addicts, I remember some days taking $1000 worth and guess where we got the money from. That year I had 8 friends die from over doses and car accidents, (one pretty much in my arms) including being in a sever car accident myself and getting run over.

By this stage I had been arrested or locked up around a dozen times for many different things and had over dosed twice. On the 3rd time I overdosed I was clinically dead for 3minutes and knew this was the last straw that I was going to end up dead or in prison. Once released from hospital I had literally nowhere to stay so I rang my mum (who was in her 3rd marriage) to clean up and detox. The first day wasn’t so bad, the second was hard and by the 3rd I was shaking in cold sweats and delusional (what you see in the movies in no exaggeration) I managed to get a few tamazapam (valum) from my mum to help but then ended up stealing the bottle and taking the whole bottle of 50. I then went a little ballistic with an axe on the street (not knowing what I was doing) chopping at anything in sight. My mum’s husband had threaten to shoot me as he use to hunt and I remember running straight for them at the door with the axe as they went inside. I went to start chopping at the door when I turned to the left and there was my sister with her face pressed against the glass fearful and in tears.

I came too and dropped the axe fell to my knees in tears, I never cried so much in my life, until the police came and I spent 3 nights in lock up, which forced me to detox. I had three whole days in solitude to think about my life. I was sad, then angry. I always felt as of a young age I was meant to do great things, to make a difference in this world to leave a legacy and I had been doing the opposite. I then committed my life in my mind to being the best I can and giving back to society, and we all know it takes time to really shift ones character, personality, habits and beliefs at the unconscious level.

Once I was released I spent a few days on a park bench with a pen and paper creating my plan. I was going to find a shared place to live, get a job and get into martial arts. So I did within 4 weeks of detoxing I had done all these things. Just 4 weeks before I was at a cross-roads die, go to prison or fight for what I knew I could have. It was hard I began spending a lot of my time with martial arts and reading books about psychology to understand how the mind works. There were several relapses over the year but nothing too serious. I then decided to do My Personal Training Course and then got a job. Within 9 months I was the busiest personal trainer in WA and top 10 in Australia.

Exercise for the body (martial arts and the gym) and exercise for the mind (reading, courses and personal development seminars) where the key to my original success. People quite often ask me what was my secret, there is no secret I was just able to do something many say they can’t do which is dissociate from all who kept me in that life, which means I had no friends anymore and even some of my family I didn’t see.

After doing PT my learning obsession grew I studied business and it wasn’t until I came across NLP and the therapeutics patterns I was truly able to overcome my demons. I was ashamed and couldn’t talk about anything so I found youth and people I could share my story with plus use NLP to overcome my demons which I can gladly say I have.

After 9 years of PT and other health and wellness businesses I realized it was time for me to step up so I started coaching Personal Trainers to grow their business (my passions are business, health and fitness so it makes sense) next thing I know we are operating a 7 figure Health and fitness Company with 17 amazing staff members helping to change lives worldwide through a plethora of ways with nutrition, coaching, health education, personal training and more including working with charity organizations to make a difference and have creating a million dollar business.

Growing a large business and truly making a difference (granted we have a long way to go) can be hard work you need resilience, intestinal fortitude, patience and the ability to overcome adversity. If it wasn’t for my past experiences I truly believe I wouldn’t be doing what I am.

BUT THEN... I went and did something crazy early in 2012, I fell madly in love with Kailey, the woman of my dreams. Next thing I know I’m closing down my company, gave all my belongings to my family and charity. Then moved from Perth to Brisbane (west coast to east coast) Australia to be with her. All with just a suitcase and an income of $297 week.

I decided this time I want to set up a business that not only creates the healthy happy lifestyle for others anywhere in the world but also allows me to live mine. I built a 7 figure business in 18 months so I could do it again right.

SO this time in just 9 months I built a 7 figure business completely online from scratch. 2 years later we have a team of almost 50 from across the globe helping people create happier healthier lifestyles through nutrition, fitness, mindset, lifestyle design, financial freedom and more. With online personal Training, business Coaching, Life coaching, lifestyle design and a bunch of amazing programs like the 7 day detox and 8 week body blitz our mission is to help create 1 million happier and healthier lives!

Kailey and I are now essentially traveling the world for several years and where ever we are run our online businesses and change lives... Our dream life... Through lifestyle design!

This is my TRUE passion, as corny as it seems helping people turn your dreams into reality, because it is possible if you make the choice.

The thing I’m MOST excited about this year is Kailey and I will be launching our very own Charity organization where we will work with fundraising initiatives and events across the globe to assist youth, mental health, animal welfare and a number of other issues like education...

I share this not to impress you BUT to impress upon you, So you see no matter who you are, where you come from or what adversity you face it’s not how hard you get hit but how you get up with vengeance and in the words of Eminem not give up and not be a quitter because you are special, and you can do great things. You have an untapped abundant reservoir of potential that when you tap into it will surprise even yourself.

You can do anything, but you must do it now! The only way to fail is to quit... keep going and NEVER give up! A special thanks to everyone in my life friends, family and my team who have helped turn me from one of the darkest to one of the happiest men alive.

And a VERY SPECIAL thank you to my Rock, My Girl and my World Kailey. Love you baby xoxo I couldn’t have done it without you. I truly believe behind every great man is an even greater woman. Remember if you can dream it you can do it!

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