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  • Loosen Up Before The Lens on April 09, 2011
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    I like the ebook. at first, it doesn't seem attractive to me because I'm not a photographer nor a model, or a type of person who works in photography professionally, I dont even have my own camera, I just join my friends whenever they bring cameras and take pictures of themselves. Coz I love to read books and pick up new things, I just tried to read the whole book during my spare time one day. This book opened my mind of the ideas in photography, how models and photographers communicate, the poses thing, the ways of conveying or showing to the viewers of their emotions, anything they wanna say by just posing in the pictures. I used to think, that posing in the picture is just smiling and doing whatever you want to make yourself look nice or funny or funny and nice. I saw the different pictures coming from different emotions and styles of posing (sad, frustated, confused, funny, happy, and etc.) and they look so nice. I think this book is helpful for me, I picked more ideas about photography and it even encourages me to engage into one. hahaha. I am on level zero in photography but it helps a lot in giving me more knowledge about this area of art, much more, this book would be of great help to those who aspires to become a good model or photographer.