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Audra Allensworth is a mother, Sister, and works full time. In her spare time she loves to write. Audra is our resident expert on the Classic Zombie Movie genre. She loves all Zombie flicks but is partial to the classics. Audra was struck by a car when she was three years old, putting her in a wheelchair; as such she spent her life growing up watching movies reading books and dreaming dreams. Those dreams have come true in a sense. Through her characters (Beth and Tabitha) she can run, climb trees, shoot and kill Zombies with the best of them. Of the three Authors Audra would be the most recognizable as she starred in a nation wide commercial for Walmart that ran for an entire year back in 1995. Along with the novel Audra also works on poetry.

Janna Shaw; A mother of three, Sister, Works full time and is our resident editor, and computer whiz. Without her none of this would have been possible. Janna’s life long dream was to become a writer. Her and Audra met on the internet and became friends. They played around in the old role play genre but found that their talents of writing were being wasted. A few years ago Audra had become very ill. Though they had never met face to face Janna made it a point to contact her and check on her on a daily basis. This great act of kindness and love brought the two together as sisters. Janna loves to write. As Colt, and Ceara you can see an innocence brought forward as each character learns and grows through a life of new experiences. Janna also has her own book under way Coven Lastrega... Which was 1st published March 2011. She is the first one to have her works published.

Robert Parsons (Bob); What can we say about him? Bob is the epitome of the saying “You don’t get to be Old and Wise without first being Young and Stupid.” he is our Military advisor as it were. He spent Nine Years in the Army and has a vast amount of experience in tactics and weapons. After he left the Army Bob had his demons that he dealt with and through this he gained a respect for the down and out and an immense love of nature. Bob was the third member of the old role play group. He was asked to join and at the time Bob was not sure if he would really enjoy writing. Janna started a small story with him and he found out quickly that he had a natural talent and love of writing. He was with Audra and was the Master link in the chain between her and Janna during Audra’s illness. Sitting by her bed with a laptop and a cell phone keeping Janna updated on Audra’s condition he made sure Janna knew what was going on and at the same time he let Audra know her sissy was there praying for her. Bob’s love of life shows through the Characters of Charlie and Heath. His serious and humorous side is portrayed through Alden.

They say there is an immense power in three’s. Individually each author is a loving, caring and wonderful person. Together they are the Picture of what we all wish for. A Family’ Strong and United caring for each other selflessly. Each one complementing the other. This is displayed by the Characters portrayed in their book series; Surviving Day by Day.....

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Coven Lastrega (A Witch's Tale)
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 6,990. Language: English. Published: March 23, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
(5.00 from 1 review)
This is the tale of Aldabella Lastrega, a witch that has decided to tell her story to a young reporter. This is the first book in the series, that tells of her mother, the Matriarch of the Lastrega Coven and a couple of new friends. Her choices will never make everyone happy, but isn't that true with us all.

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