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  • Reality Challenged on Feb. 25, 2013
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    I finished Ubiquitious Bubba's book, Reality Challenged last week. I thought I should say something about it but also wanted to sort of let it set a few days before I did. I am not a "book reviewer" and have never reviewed a book so I don't know what bases are normally covered. However I can give my opinion of the book. I bought it in the Kindle format from Smashwords, IIRC it was 4.99 and worth it. The Smashwords .mobi version does not have all the interactive features that a Kindle version of a book bought from Amazon does however and (in my case) the most important feature did work, the dictionary. Bubba knows a LOT of words and how to use them, lol. The book starts as a normal space, multi-dimensional, sci-fi novel with strong, well fleshed out characters. I thought Xorian, the captain of the ship "Chaos Effect" was a sort of hybrid of Han Solo and Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), the captain of the Firefly. Tough but funny. His partner the Krazhdj, who refers to itself as "One" and to Xorian as "One's Pet" recites strange poetry which Xorian never understands. They work well together though. They manage to pick up a strange girl named Psychann who is also able to read minds and/or destroy minds. She can also move through the multiverse. In the book there is the "Prime Universe" which many are looking for (for nefarious reasons of course) and countless other universes. Psychann also has the ability to "trade" items of similar mass between universes which comes in really handy at times. There is Zeke who is a sort of criminal/revolutionary who gets caught up in things. He gets thrown into a strange reality... really strange. There is Numnal who suddenly, in his universe, for some reason gets declassified as a mammal... which of course causes him no end of trouble. There are others. Villians, and a main villian. Several stories are running at once and at first it was a little disconcerting to me but I got used to it. The story seems to be coming apart then slowly comes back together... and you realize it is really all one story after all. A neat trick there.... I would definately read it again and look forward to the next book. As with most good books and good authors the strength of the characters are it's appeal (and of course an interseting story) and as I said, the characters are well done. Just be careful around the bats. Watch out for the flying warthog towing a yak... they could hurt you if you happened to be in the way. The zombie preying mantis' saying, "brains..." could be a problem if they were larger. Then there is the horse which reminded me a little on "Donkey" in Shreck, only more dangerous. I couldn't figure out if the horse was urban black, gay, or both... but he is funny. Yes, there are a wide variety of characters other than the main characters and a wide range of circumstances and strange places. Well written, worth reading. Thanks for the great read Bubba!!! jbow