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  • The Relic Retriever on Dec. 09, 2012
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    Relic Retriever is a bit of a sci-fi story taking place on a different world with wizards and swordsman and archers as guns do not exist there. There are different types of animals, some of which are the best I have ever seen in my minds eye. What makes this story, and other stories by Chris Turner is the way he tells them. He uses the language of the old Victorian stories and other times; Stories like the Three Musketeers and The Tale of Two Cites. This give him a real different voice in the world of sci-fi. It is sometimes hard to hear a drunken ruffian use Shakespeare type language but when practically everyone uses it you find a comfort level in it. Chris is a good writer and each situation that his main character, Risgan, was in, stood on its own. However, where I had problems with the story is that there did not seem to be a main theme or story line that led one thing to the other to the other until there was a conclusion. It was simply the misadventures of one man through a multitude of stories. It was a bit like Huck Finn when you think about it except that Huck had a central theme of someone always trying to make him do what society thought was right and him trying to do the opposite and purposely set out on wild adventures. I would have liked the story much better if there had been something driving Risgan through the story and to see if he completed his goal. For instance, there is a gem that he finds early on that can give one youth or death through changing their age, and for some reason he keeps losing it only to have it show up again. If Risgan decided to learn to use that gem for good or ill as the person deserved and that in doing so the gem changed his life for the better that would have satisfied my need for a central theme. But, that's just me.