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J. B. Turner was a freelance journalist before he began work on his first novel. He is married and has two young children.

He wrote the 'Deborah Jones' series of crime thrillers and the 'Jon Reznick' special forces thrillers.

Miami Requiem is the first of two Deborah Jones thrillers. It is primarily a crime thriller. She is a young African American journalist on the Miami Herald. She investigates the case of William Craig, an elderly white man on death row for killing a Senator's son who had raped his granddaughter. There are conspiratorial elements at work. But there are only five weeks and one day until his execution.

Dark Waters was the follow-up. It's a conspiracy thriller with political undertones. When the partially dismembered body of a young computer hacker is found in the Florida, Everglades, Deborah Jones finds herself caught up in a story that has national security ramifications. But when a second person dies in mysterious circumstances, it is clear to her and to everyone on the newspaper that Deborah could be next on the assassin's list.

Then there was a massive change in direction for Turner with Hard Road. It's a thriller. Some say a political thriller. Others a conspiracy thriller. But no matter what category it comes under, it is all about one man. Jon Reznick.

Since his wife died on 9/11, he has worked hard to keep his shadowy world hidden from his daughter. But when he's ordered by his handler to assassinate a man in an exclusive Washington DC hotel, he discovers the target is not at all who he at first appears to be.

Quickly ensnared in a web of murder, extortion and treachery, Reznick finds himself fighting to outwit not only the clandestine group intent on hunting him down, but also to evade capture by FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein.

But it's not only Reznick's survival that's at stake. A terrifying plot by a foreign government to bring the United States to its knees is underway. And only Reznick can stop it.

"Sometimes, to protect what you care about, you need to operate outside the law . . ."

J.B. Turner is a self-confessed caffeine-addict and has a penchant for staring out of windows. He loves music. The Beatles, The Fall, The Kinks, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Donald Fagen and whole lot of stuff. He loves films. All The President's Men, Payback, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Heat, Taxi Driver, you get the picture. Favorite authors include James Ellroy, George Orwell, Harlan Coben, James Lee Burke, James Patterson. American crime fiction and thrillers are his top reads.

The second Jon Reznick thriller Hard Kill was released in 2014 and a third, Hard Wired, was released on February 16 2015.

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Describe your desk
A solid wood table in my kitchen. Better view than my study.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small town in Scotland by the sea. A great place called Dunbar. The birthplace of the environmentalist John Muir. I was very fortunate. How did it influence my writing? I think anyone who has ever lived by or near the sea, knows the feeling of freedom and space which opens up when you're near the sea. That's how I felt and still do, walking a beach, staring out over an ocean. Hard to beat. And I think it's seeped into my writing. My last book, Hard Road, starts with my character Jon Reznick, staring out over the sea. It's just there all the time with me.
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