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  • A Pox* On All Their Houses, How Religious SCRIPTURE and Practices Support Intolerance, Violence, and Even War on Oct. 07, 2010
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    This book probably should be a must read for everyone from the time they learn how to read. I’m sure that it is intended to be a complete put-down on religion. However, the views presented are something to consider when listening to anyone pushing religion. What is their agenda? Is it just to share what they’ve experienced or is it to get others to be like them? If it is the latter, that’s a sure path to intolerance, violence, and war. I think the message here is idealism breeds separation, and we know intuitively that separation breeds intolerance. In my view, truth cannot be defined by any belief system. And we are now learning this includes science now that they admit they can’t even define what reality is (it used to be what you could touch and manipulate with repeatable results). The author provides his own solution for peace and harmony in this book. And then he follows this up with an admonition which falls squarely in the sights of his own claim about what causes intolerance. Despite his final words, this rest of the book is really worth reading for its fact-finding analysis of how we learn to be intolerant.