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  • Face-Off (Book One) on Oct. 24, 2011

    This is a novella rather than a novel, but I was satisfied with the purchase since I enjoyed the story and literally read it in one sitting. I enjoyed the family dynamic between the four brothers, and also the match descriptions. It had some funny moments and the dramatic elements were gripping, although I never completely understood why Brad and TJ were so estranged in the beginning. Sure, they went to different schools and the different treatment by their father obviously did not help, but still they are twin brothers and both of them are good guys, surely there should have been some more communication between them... Another thing I did not completely enjoy was that their school life was a bit underdeveloped, with too many clich├ęs, perhaps. Probably there was no time to develop that side of the story more, since the novel was so short. Anyway, this was a very enjoyable read for me, and now I'm waiting eagerly for the sequel (although this story works well as a standalone). I hope the sequel will be longer.