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Smashwords book reviews by Jose Enrique

  • One More Suicide on June 29, 2011

    As someone who is gay and also suffers from a lifetime of Major Depression, the main character's " depressive moods, thoughts and behaviors" are 100% accurate of a clinically depressed person. Certain parts though appeared "exaggerated a bit" I guess to create the added drama needed. It appears the author suffers from depression as well becuase there is no way a "non depressed" person can write what a depressed person is "thinking aka interpreting" the moment certain situation arises - you have to be one period. It was a "tough read" for me for certain parts were like complete chapters of my life but the book kept me glued to the last letter. The author did a superb job keeping you hooked to the story line. You can't help but be concerned about the principal character "Brian" throughout the entire book. I must reveal the story is extremely heartbreaking but beautifully written.
  • The Converging on July 09, 2011

    I just finished reading this book and its one of the best horror/supernatural novels I have read in a very long time. It has outstanding character development with an engrossing plot that leaves you wanting more. The main character,Cynara,is a sadistic "mega evil" demon that even other demons are afraid of! Even though she is an extreme villain, you are intrigued by her and are always left questioning how can she possibly out do herself for each of her "theatrical" merciless evil acts is worse than the one before. I must warn readers there are graphic descriptions of lesbian sex as well of detailed descriptions of her extreme sadistic tortures and murders. Throughout the story there are enough plot twists and turns to keep you until the end and even the ending has a surprise twist. I highly recommend this book!!!!