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J.C. Wing is a novelist who writes both southern lit and romantic comedy, but she’s got plans to tackle a few other genres in the not too distant future. Her works include The Color of Thunder, The Gannon Family Series, the Goddess of Tornado Alley Series and a collection of short stories, personal essays and poetry titled Acquainted With Butterflies. She was also a contributing author for Perfectly Unique: The Missing Pieces Anthology, which was written to support Autism Speaks.

J.C. has a fondness for peanut M & M’s, iced chai tea, Greek mythology and reading really good books. She’s worked for A & H Publishing, Kids 411 Magazine and Booktrope. In 2016, she decided to work for herself and launched Wing Family Editing. She publishes under Black Cat Press, her own imprint. J.C. is part of an author collective called Hummingbird Charm where she hangs out with a lot of amazing women and writes about her experiences with both homeschooling and life.

J.C. is an eternal optimist and a friendly sort. She smiles a lot … but she is silently correcting your grammar. She doesn’t mean to. She’s an editor. She can’t help it.

Smashwords Interview

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I am a full time homeschooler of two amazing kids. One is in high school, the other in middle school, so they keep me very busy. I am also an editor and proofreader with Booktrope Publishing, so I get to work with a lot of really terrific authors. I love reading, photography and going on scenic Jeep rides.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Many of the ebooks I read come to me via authors, but I'm also a member of Goodreads, and Facebook. I oftentimes review for other authors, and get the chance to read some amazing books I would not have otherwise known about because of this. There are so many different ways to find ebooks to read!
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A Skye Full of Stars by J.C. Wing (book trailer)
A Skye Full of Stars is the sequel to Alabama Skye, and the second book in the Gannon Family Series. From war torn Scotland, where the Gannon family tree first took root, to the modern day southern shores of Alabama's Gulf Coast, a Skye Full of Stars is a story about the importance of family, and about how blood isn't always what it takes to make the strongest bonds.

Alabama Skye by J.C. Wing (book trailer)
Alabama Skye is the first novel in the Gannon Family Series. It is a tale of heartbreak and hope, fear and redemption, love and loyalty. Come to Scotland’s Isle of Skye, and to the small, seaside town of Kelby on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. It is here you will witness the strength of four generations of women. It is here you will discover that the ones who stand by you and carry you through good times and bad are the ones you call family.

Dead Beat Dates & Deities by J.C. Wing (book trailer)
Dead Beat Dates & Deities is the first book in the new Goddess of Tornado Alley trilogy. A humorous tale of food, expensive shoes and a love starved matchmaker. Aphrodite may have given Frances Reed the gift of love, but it will take Cupid to teach her how to use it.

Brides, Beasts & Baklava book trailer
Trailer for book two in the Goddess of Tornado Alley series by J.C. Wing Facing a jealous goddess can be troublesome. Dealing with a stressed out bride might be even worse.


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Smashwords book reviews by J.C. Wing

  • The Order of the Four Sons: Book I on July 30, 2013

    The opening pages of this novel promise the reader an engaging story…but they ought to hold on because they have no idea just how much is in store for them. This was a very entertaining read for me. There is a little bit of everything in this novel from Egyptian mythology to tales of the old West; from the supernatural of ghosts and demons to Hungarian royalty and modern day law enforcement and military. It’s impossible to sum up this book easily and that’s one the biggest reasons why I enjoyed it so much. There was so much going on, the plot of the story skipping back and forth through time and place and highlighting many different characters. The authors deserve praise for the brilliant construction of their tale. They wound through the telling of this intricate story seamlessly and, although there was a lot to keep track of, I found it not only easy to remember who was who and what was what but I was enormously entertained and intrigued throughout. There are many different elements at play here in the first installment of this new series. Suspense, fear and humor are intermingled quite well within the plot and I thoroughly enjoyed the play between the characters. Each one of them was well defined and personable. There is mystery, murder, action and history all at once and in abundance in this novel. Because of this and the well-crafted cliff hanger that ends the first book, I am eagerly carving out some time in the very near future to read the second and third books as well.