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  • Vestige on Aug. 20, 2012

    I found this book to have plenty of action and a plot spooky enough to keep your attention and give you a few chills. Written in the style of Ted Dekker, it is a story of good versus evil--where the enemy is sometimes too intangible to be battled head on. The story is told mainly from teenagers' perspectives on the strange disappearances and events that suddenly begin to unfold; the end of life as they once knew it. Micah comes from a family of serious survivalists who keep themselves prepared for the breakdown of society. He is somewhat ashamed of their extreme views and worried what his school friends would think if they found out; he just wants a normal life with normal people. But when people begin disappearing and no one can find the answers, Micah must fall back on his mother's teachings and a few new friends just to survive, and maybe even save humanity in the process.