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"I consider myself to be a simple man; someone down to earth and quite laid back. I have lived life and seen many things from all angles of life. I have been on top of the world and I have been at the bottom of it. With years of experience in the sales industry, Business Management and as President of a Corporation I have learned valuable lessons through experience, as well as, through trial and error that have taught me priceless lessons. Some mistakes I have made cost me greatly in life, while some right choices I have made blessed me greatly. I found that knowledge in and of itself is useless without understand and the wisdom to apply it.

Through it all though I have learned that happiness is not found externally, it is found inside oneself. It is when one realize the value of things that they do have and how important that life is, will they then find true happiness. I am thankful in heart for all things that I have been blessed with in life and appreciate all the experiences in life that have taught me valuable lessons.

To me life is not defined by what you have or you don't have, it's about living and living to your fullest potential in life. Whether I have it all or I have nothing, my heart remains steadfast in being all that I am capable of being. For the things that truly matter in life no price tag can be placed on them and no amount of money can buy them. It’s the memories made with the time spent with the ones you love and satisfaction of living out your dreams.

Kindness never grows old and Compassion is never frowned upon. I heard it said so many times, Live, Laugh, Love and that truly is the key of life! I have said this before in life, “I was not giving this life to be less than I was created to be, I was giving this life to be all that I was destined to be.” This is true for everyone in life. Live to your full potential every day and in the end you will know what success truly is…

I started writing eBooks because i wanted to share my experience, insight, knowledge and Wisdom with others and hopefully be a light in their lives. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and help them reach their full potential of what they can be. My one desire is that my books will inspire others in a way that brings forth positive changes in their life.

I hope that you truly enjoy my books and that in some way they bless your life and help you. Thank you for taking time to read this Article and may Success, Love, Happiness and Peace be with you always! ~

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