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Joshua is from Manchester, born in Wythenshawe, raised in Oldham. He co-organises a Open Mic night in Manchester known only as Transdimensional Space Goats. Joshua’s writing can be only be described as both incredibly personal yet abstract, adding a great deal into his characterization, artistry and experimentation, at a time when many stick to the status quo of what a poet is, Joshua likes to emphasize the performance aspect of the term, performance poet. Some may also describe his work as an exploration of love and death, with a lack of fairytales between, almost alike to an undead Shakespeare, except he’s a bit queer and better yet, just that little bit odd.

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
For me, when I think of what I feel is the greatest joy in writing, my answer would be that I find relief in writing every poem I have written in the past couple of years; this is a door I can open, shut everything and the room inside never gets full; it is infinite, as is its possibilities. Each line craves the opportunity to crack open and shed away its former self, for the chance to change its form and become something else, something as equally beautiful.
What do your fans mean to you?
You've read my poetry, you've essentially read me, you've read about my history, you could essentially build a new 'me', if you wished so; as for me, the original, the public as my fans, shows me understanding that you now can see the feelings that I had back then, which used to burn inside of me.
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