J. D. R. Hawkins


A Rebel Among Us
After David Summers enlists with the Confederate cavalry, his delusion of chivalry is soon crushed when he witnesses the horrors of battle. Shot by a Union picket, he winds up at a stranger’s farm. Four girls nurse him back to health. David learns his dilemma becomes much worse. To his dismay, he must make a decision. Should he stay and help the girls with their underhanded plan, or return to the army and risk capture?

A Beautiful Glittering Lie and A Beckoning Hellfire
First two books in the Renegade Series. A Beautiful Glittering Lie: In this historical tale, the naïveté of a young country is tested, a father sacrifices everything to defend his home, and a young man longs for adventure—regardless of the perilous cost. A Beckoning Hellfire: During the bloody American Civil War, the stark reality of death leads one young man on a course of revenge that takes him from his quiet farm in north Alabama to the horrific battlefields of Virginia and Pennsylvania


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