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  • Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney's Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, Subversion on Nov. 04, 2012

    Four years ago Webster G Tarpley wrote two books about Barak H. Obama candidate for President of the United States. At the time citizens of Planet Earth were ready for anyone new to undo the damage done by the eight years of G.W.Bush. Tarpley's words of wisdom about the yet to be elected Obama took some time to sink in. Here we go again... I urge every reader to research this easy-to-read book. Don't take Tarpley's word for anything; research the comprehensive history of Mitt Romney's family and faith. This is an eye-opener. It is an international tragedy that "the free world" has only a choice for leader based on the lesser of two evils. Jesse Venture and Webster Tarpley would make decent leaders with policies to end the current quagmire.