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  • Shattered Glass on April 06, 2012

    Enjoyable cop thriller with m/m virgin theme
  • The Ultimate Submission on June 16, 2013

    Pretty much hated and skimmed this book up until 75% when there is an unexpected twist that grabbed my attention, plus a surprise ending. I disliked Diego who has a penchant for dirty (and I mean dirty) sex, whose partners never uses lube or condoms and who seems to be totally unharmed by all this rough sex! His brother Matthew is referred to as James in several places in the beginning of the book which is confusing. 'True, it was obvious that Matthew was the Favorite Son, but it was equally obvious that Mr. and Mrs. Manning loved Diego too; if in a different way. Love flowed freely and indiscriminately in that home; even encompassing the family dog as if she were a sibling.'